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Merry Freakin' Christmas

I dunno how I'm supposed to enjoy Christmas when every place that does takeaway coffee in my neighbourhood is now closed. I just went to get one and there's nothing! Looks like I'm going to have to go out foraging further afield, and that's just wrong.

If I don't make it back, have a good Christmas.

I hope you've found a good replacement coffee! I hate Christmas for this reason. Everyone goes spastic on you LOL. Have a good one babe :-)

PS. I had to buy "runners" today so now I've got no excuse not to run! I always said I couldn't run in my "walkers" but now I've got no excuse.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:48 pm  

Merry Christmas and good luck on the coffee hunt- I am at the farm getting reacquainted with Nescafe!
(At least it isn't international roast)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:04 pm  

Merry Christmas!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:40 pm  

Hope you took your brolly. Merry Xmas

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:10 pm  

DOH ! How about you try makin your own coffee??? lol Good luck on the search, I'm sure you will be successfl eventually. MERRY CHRISTMAS

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:44 am  



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