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Garage Sale

My sister and I are having a garage sale today, but not until this afternoon because we don't like dealing with people in the mornings. We made some pretty posters last night to stick up around the place. Hopefully many people will come and buy stuff but I have an awful feeling they won't. We are relying on foot traffic so we need to attract attention but we have to set up on the verandah so it's back off the street a bit. We don't have balloons to put up and so how will people know? Posters are well and good but you need balloons. We do have some condoms and might consider blowing them up instead. I hope people buy our crappy junk.

Yesterday when I sorted through stuff to work out what I wanted to sell, I found my tap shoes and I put on a show of tap dancing for my sister. I'm very tempted to tap at the garage sale to attract people and encourage them to buy. Oh did I mention that I'm the worst tap dancer ever! But I make a lot of noise and that's the main thing.

We have a list of stuff we need to buy with the proceeds of the sale, starting the practical like bread and ending with cake. We are thinking of doing a big chart thing like they do for fund raisers so we can mark off where we are in our buying.

I'll update later with the results.

Hi there!
Good luck for ur garage sale today!
Have fun and be sure ur condoms will do the same job as ur ballons :-)

By Blogger salzkartoffeln, at 9:56 am  

I think you definitely need to tap, and you also need to sing at the top of your voice, I reckon "The Final Countdown" would be a great song to start off with! hahaha

By Blogger Briony, at 11:23 am  

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am picturing you tap dancing, sure it will help.

By Blogger michelle, at 2:40 pm  



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