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Happy Day

Today I had a happy day, not just an absence of sadness day but a really happy one.

I went into the bank this morning to yell at them, cos the cheque I've been waiting to clear still hadn't. Before I could even get mad, the girl said it was wrong and fixed it up for me. Woohoo! Then I kept walking into the city. I looked through a couple of the outlet shops in Smith St and I reckon I can get a pair of running shoes for $80-$100. That's much cheaper than I was expecting, and who cares if they are last seasons. People run okay in them a year ago.

Then, extra special, I went past my old (extremely expensive) hairdressers and they had a notice on the door saying they wanted training models for cuts and colours. The cuts are $22, rather than $2,200 and you still get to sit in the massaging chairs of happiness while they wash your hair. Those chairs are worth $22 on their own.

I got to the gym early and did 20 minutes on the treadie running up hills before my body balance class. OMG, I thought I was taking it easy doing body balance today. Not so. It was grueling. But, for the first time ever, I realised how to use my core muscles to balance myself. Woohoo, I'm getting stable!

From tomorrow, my gym membership is frozen for 3 months. I can't afford fancy gyms and I'd rather spend my money on other things. That means I can go back to Go-Go dancing class next week.

Tonight Andrew is coming over after work (it feels so weird to say that). We'll watch Prison Break and I'm going to splurge on some fish n' chips, or maybe just fish and salad.


This site is worth checking out Go For 2 & 5 for some recipe inspiration. I've found being skint is great for pushing you to try new recipes. I made Sang Chow Bow for the first time the other night (and definitely not the last) and also invented a kind of vegetable fritter (chuck in all your leftover vege, mix in your available flavourings, egg & flour... dry fry in fritters).

I got no problem with last seasons runners, in fact I have a shiny new pair of Brooks Trance 5s still (they are up to 6 now) in the box waiting their turn, got them way cheap from the US when the new models came out.

Good news about the hairdresser, a gals gotta treat herself.

Chuck some spuds in that vegie mix and you have my favorite treat, Bubble and Squeak!

By Anonymous Em, at 9:49 pm  

Hooray for happy days!
Off to the hairdresser myself today - may come back as a non-blonde...
Amazing how often banks stuff things up; it's always worth asking the question.

By Blogger Sue, at 5:46 am  

Hey there! Got your message a while ago about interval training - do you mean going easy for say a minute then going hell for leather for a minute? As Pauline would say...PLEASE EXPLAIN! lol...

By Blogger crankybee, at 9:02 am  

Kathryn if you go into the Converse outlet they have some good Saucony trainers for under $100. Try the Grid Triumphs.

I used to be a model for the hairdressing Apprentices when I lived in the UK. There was always a senior person looking over their shoulder so I didn't have too many bad experiences.

By Anonymous Jaykay, at 10:39 am  

Thank god you finally have a wee bit on money, I had visions of you standing on a street corner begging for a dime! lol. And I just love vege fritters, so yum.

By Blogger Chris H, at 6:05 pm  

Great news about the hairdressers! I want comfy massgae chairs too. I'm actually thinking about giving just cuts a go now that my hairdresser/brothers ex girlfriend has turned psycho chicken! Although who will do my colour?

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 7:20 pm  

YAY for happy days and having some mulla :-) Thanks for the link too!

By Blogger Health Bites, at 8:25 pm  



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