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The other night I had a dream - I went to the Run for the Kids and they made us do the entire course as a practice before we started. My feet hurt after that and I wanted to go home and change my shoes but I didn't have time. Arrrgghhh! Talk about stressing out.

Yesterday I went for a run at Princes Park, mostly nice and easy with a few fast bursts. Ended up doing 8 kms with two 1 kms @ 5.12 mins. I used to always try to maintain an even pace when running but my physio said it's better to vary my pace so my body changes posture and I'm not creating impact in the places when I run - of course, that's what she said to ME so if you try it yourself and get an injury, don't come crying to me.

I've got a physio appointment today and then the massage on Friday. I'm a bit iffy about the massage timing - I want it close to the run day but not too close. I had the choice of Friday this week or Wednesday next week. I'm thinking of changing it but maybe I'll just suck it up.

I was supposed to go to go-go dancing last night but a friend was giving me a lift and we had a mix up over the class time so I didn't get there. Will definitely be going next week.

That is funny about the $50 for the drive home. Good on you. Your running is amazing me Kathryn. Enjoy the massage whatever day it is.

By Blogger michelle, at 12:49 pm  

Gosh - TWO 5 minute/k's! I am sooo impressed, and only a little jealous! Well, maybe more than a little. I ran my guts out and still only managed 6.34.

By Blogger Celeste, at 2:23 pm  

One word for you mate -

I'm jealous of your speed too! Go Kathryn go!

By Blogger LBTEPA, at 2:52 pm  

Wednesday next week should be fine for a massage, just tell the MT you have an event on the following Sunday and they'll bear it in mind.

By Anonymous Em, at 9:06 pm  



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