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Yesterday I was in full force binge mode - starting with a trip to the market with some tasty treats. Things didn't get really bad through until I came over to my friend's place to house sit. I didn't really plan my food too much but did bring over a chicken burger, figuring they'd have some vegies I could steal to cook up with it. Except they had NO vegetables at all, I'd forgotten they do all their market shopping on Saturdays. So instead of having dinner, I just picked at things... cheese and biscuit type things. Then I went to the supermarket and got more food - icecream and lollies and other shit. I just couldn't stop eating. I've not been like that for ages and I have no idea why it happened. I guess it was partly boredom -- I couldn't even figure out how to use their tv (they have one of those digital boxes), partly overtiredness causing sugar craving and partly procrastinating because I have an editing assignment to do and didn't want to start.

I ate so much food and didn't even enjoy it. I even feel uncomfortably full this afternoon. Not good. Can't do anything about it now except learn from my mistakes.

Lately I've been getting into some really bad habits - staying up later and later and sleeping in to make up for it. I want to start getting into a better routine.

At least my leg is getting better. I went back to the myotherapy clinic on Thursday and it made the world of difference. She worked a lot on the area where my spine meets my pelvis and it's taken away much of the pain. I still feel a tightness in the area but it's nothing near as bad as it was.

ps. I can't for the life of me figure out this coffee machine. I had a crash course in latte making before my friend's left but mine just comes out bitter and tasteless (kinda like me really). Any tips?

Apparently you might have burnt the coffee and not used enough of it (I have no idea but that was BF's assessment). One bad day doesnt mean the end (says she eating doritos) it just means that eating tomorrow becomes more strict. I am going to try to cut out the silly snacks I don't need this week.
Great news about the leg.

By Blogger MorseyRuns, at 3:49 pm  

How long are you extracting the coffee for? It will probably take 15 - 20 seconds or so, and you should only have 60 - 70mls of coffee or so. (or at least that's how I like it!) After that you're just putting coffee flavoured water into your cup. Obviously machines vary, but you can experiment...

After squashing your coffee flat in the filter basket, brush off any exess bits around the edges with your fingers so it can make a good seal.

I hope that fixes the coffee... I'm not sure I could be much help with the TV... stand in front of the entertainment unit and press the power button on every random piece of equipment you see :D

How much coffee do you plan to drink?!

By Blogger Ali, at 4:16 pm  

I can't believe how easy it is to slip into the old bad eating habits and while you fully expect to see the results on the scales if you're anything like me you still freak when you see another kilo go on.

I've started drinking those nescafe cappuccino sachets. They're so good but expensive if you drink as much coffee as I do.

By Blogger Debstar, at 10:42 pm  

ooh! this makes me cringe! Pain, tiredness, no preparation and sugar cravings are mytriggers for crap foods too!

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