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Bike rides 4, bike accidents 0 - woohoo!

I've not been out on my bike for weeks so headed out while my sister did her walk today. This should give you an idea of cycling prowess - I can ride while she walks and she has chronic fatigue. This kid about 3-4 years old went whizzing past me being all feisty and making me look bad. Then we got across the creek and the kid went tearing down a hill and fell off. I laughed a lot. Sucked in, kid, that's what your feistiness gets you. My sister said I'm going to hell for that but the kid didn't see me laughing.

One day I'm going to ride fast enough to get some cardio benefits.

Anyway, this arvo I'm off to the pub. My sister wants to watch her team play (the Saints) and it's not on telly so I said I'd go with her and play the ponies. I'm taking my knitting. All I need now is a pack of Craven A and some glases on a chain to complete my look.

I just started knitting today after a 16 year hiatus (sp??) I never thought about combining it with beer- that is magic!

By Blogger MorseyRuns, at 6:26 pm  

Don't forget the rolled down stockings - you can't do "the look" without them!!

By Blogger Briony, at 6:28 pm  

I rode my bike four times and then it took me twelve months to get on it again. It was officially loungeroom art. I hope you manage to get the fifth ride in soon.

I think your sister is probably right! Although I think I'd have been with you, laughing at the munchkin.

LOL at your previous blog title.

By Blogger Kathy, at 9:23 pm  

hey i thought i was posting on your blog and it was someone elses...derrrr... 14kms is go girl!

By Blogger jojo, at 1:06 am  

Haha...I would have laughed too and that's because it'd probably be me! :-)

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 3:31 pm  



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