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I went to the gym last night, even though I'm feeling sick, and got to watch Australian Idol. I thought I'd have to tone down my workout a bit because I'd not be at full strength but the opposite was true. I was Super Woman! I did everything so easily and even did extra reps of most exercises. How weird is that?


I miss my garden, having fresh vegetables and herbs available for picking just outside the back door, so I think when I get paid I'll go to the nursery and get some pots to grow some herbs. I have some plants that a friend is looking after but I don't really feel like bringing them over here. We had a couple of nice big plants near the front door and some bastard stole them the other night - grrr! I'm sure things are safer in the backyard. We are getting our side fence replaced at the moment so maybe that's why - they had easy access.

I'll just get a cheap pot and some punnets of plants anyway - I love having fresh herbs to use in my cooking. The landlords are currently doing a lot of work on the backyard so when they have finished, I might be able to organise some space to grow tomatoes and stuff.

I have been thinking of packing up my scales and taking them over to my storage space. I go over to the storage space every few weeks to get things or put things in there (or just to scab the free lollipops in the office - man, they are the best lollipops ever and there aren't that many kilojoules in lollipop, right). That way I stop weighing myself everyday. Oh, did I say everyday? I mean every time I walk past them. I weigh myself of a morning then I go to the toilet then I weigh myself again. I weigh myself when I get home from work and sometimes at night before bed. It's got to stop. Once every couple of weeks is ample.
On the topic of weights and measures, my hip measurement is not moving. But I swear my belly looks smaller. I've been thinking about this. When you have a big huge jelly belly (just imagine a someone with a bean bag under their shirt) then it may not necessarily be the diametre that decreases. Like if you deflate a basketball - it flattens at the top and bottom before the sides. So my belly is getting smaller, just not at the hip measurement. Maybe. Does that make sense or am I just clutching at straws?

I miss my garden too. We had a beautiful herb garden that somehow died when we went on holidays for 3 weeks, at Christmas, when it was really really hot. Go figure :)

I think your theory on the hip sizing is correct. I have found that when I take measurements it skips a drop in the hips. So my waist and thighs go down one measure, and the next time the hips catch up. Weird.

Well done on Idoling it at the gym :)

By Blogger M, at 11:52 am  

My stomach is the same. Getting flat on top but the sides still need a lot of work! I totally understand!!

By Anonymous Stacey, at 9:36 am  



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