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Slacker Me

I haven't been to the gym for two days. I think I'm getting the flu, damnit. I'm not too concerned because I have been eating way under my daily kilojoules for some reason (maybe also because I'm getting sick).

It's funny. I started counting kjs again last week and freaked at how much I was eating. So I worked out where I could cut back. For example, we have a cappaccino machine at work and I was having 3-4 coffees a day with (I assume since the milk is already in the machine) full fat milk plus one sugar. So now I have one coffee to get me going. That has knocked nearly 1,000 kjs off a day (around 250 calories).

It really doesn't take much to make a difference. Yesterday I was struggling to get anywhere near my daily allowance and that was after eating a small packet of maltesers for afternoon tea. I'd much rather save my kjs for the good treats than waste them on things I care little for.

ps. updated my blog design - I guess you either have been here before and knew that already or are new and don't care.

Anyway, I made a super-delish dinner the other night - I'm usually hopeless at motivating myself to try new recipes but had all the ingredients for this one and it was dead easy - so thought I'd share it.

Thai Beef Salad:

100 grams of steak (I bought a 200 g piece of steak, had half with vegies one night and made this the next, which made this even quicker to make)


bean sprouts (I had none so I used grated carrot, capsicum and half a tomato I had in the fridge that needed using up - I love to improvise)

coriander - shitloads

mint - I skipped this

shallots - ditto


lemon juice - 3/4 tbsp
garlic - shitloads (I love garlic)
ginger - (this wasn't in the original recipe but I grabbed the wrong jar initially and put it in instead of the garlic. It worked)
chilli - to taste
fish sauce - I skipped this also

Put the salady stuff in a bowl, arrange the meat, cut in thin strip decoratively on top. Shake up all the dressing ingredients in a jar and pour over.

I worked it out to be around 1,000 kjs (approx 250 calories) and it was very filling.

Good for you on cutting back your kilojoules / calories. I have never been on an eating plan that counted kj or calories but am sure it works along the same lines as WW. Once you start to input less that you expend - you will see the weight start to drop off again. Take care and have a great day !

By Blogger Me, at 1:24 am  

Like the new look; pretty colors! At WW the way that calories creep on you is sometimes called BLTs -- bites, licks and tastes. Gots to count every one cuz your body certainly does. :)

By Blogger The Troescher Team, at 3:46 am  

That was a great way to cut back the kj's. Who would have thought coffees could be so high? Great dinner you made. Yummm.

Like the new blog. You must be very clever, as blogger is not the easiest to modify - well done. Have a great day :)

By Blogger M, at 9:57 am  

Yum-o @ dinner!!

Awesome at figuring out what to cut down, that's a really smart way to think about it ~ and I'm really surprised how much coffee will cost ya [in kj's//cals]

If you're getting sick, don't worry too much about the exercising - rest up and get well first, let your body fight the bad til you over-work it.

Love the new layout, all very soothing.

By Blogger Dee, at 10:21 am  



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