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Following on from my post of a few days ago, I've been thinking more about working on non-coporeal. You know the mind and spirit, not just the body. For the past few months, my whole focus has been on what I eat and what exercise I do. It has filled my world. But the other aspects of me are just as important. What good does it do a man to gain the world, if he loses his soul or whatever the saying is.

So I'm making a few baby steps. I've booked in to do a meditation course over the next 8 weeks. The brochure says it helps to clarify your thoughts and give you an inner calm. So already I'm thinking how that will help with my weight loss - I'm obsessed, I tells ya.

The other thing, that I'd planned a while back, is that I'm going to see a counsellor. Someone who can untangle this spagetti of repressed emotion and tainted thoughts. Hopefully. For what I'm paying her an hour, she should turn them into a lovely macrame pot hanger.

I'd like to start something new. Something intellectually stimulating. I'm not sure what though. I am working hard on my writing but I'd like to do something social. Maybe learn another language. That's something I've wanted to do for years. I think I'd enjoy that.

Anyway, I'd better get to bed. Since my meditation class is tomorrow night, I think I'll try to get up early and go to the gym before work.

Good for you giving something new a go.

I want to learn Italian as my daughter is also learing it at school, so we could help each other out. Just haven't got off my bum to enorl in a course yet.

Have a great day.

By Blogger Jaykay, at 9:42 am  


Seems you're starting to get things together, you'll have to clue us in with the meditation class -I've always been curious of them!

Hope the thearpist can help you unlock your emotions, and I think the whole language thing is an awesome idea. Seriously, I'm like nodding like a mad hatter here.

Enjoy the early night and early rise!

By Blogger Dee, at 5:51 pm  

Good for you on signing up for the meditation course - I hope that you enjoy it. I have been to a couple and I really enjoy the time that I am there and normally come away feeling much more centred and able to cope with what is ahead - sounds like something I need desparately in my life right now !! Will have to see what I can do. Take care and have a great day !

By Blogger Me, at 8:49 pm  

What a great thing to do, to get some balance. And going to a counciller sounds like a really good thing to do. I go to a spiritual healer from time to time and it is like going to therapy. I always feel refreshed and calm and a lot more centred.

Hope you have a good day tomorrow :)

By Blogger M, at 9:20 pm  

jaykay... I think Italian would be my language of choice. I picked up bits from when my son was learning it at school, plus Italian friends and I worked for a while at a job where we handed lots of documents from Italy. Also it would be a handy language in Melbourne. Oh and trip to Tuscany to make use of it would be such a hardship.

Dee... I hope I'm getting it together although the early rising was not achieved.

linda and m - meditation went well, will post more about it later.

By Blogger kathrynoh, at 10:45 pm  



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