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I rang the gym about the dodgy spin instructor. They were really pleased that I bothered to give them feedback and also said they'd had some other complaints about him. I don't think I'll go back to that class anyway. I didn't like his style.

Since I've got my car, I prefer going to Vic Gardens (the branch of gym closer to home) than the gyms in the city after work anyway. It's a bit more hassle but if I'm heading out of the city after 7.00 pm, the trams are infrequent and it's really cold. If I come straight home from work, I can drive over to the gym, do my stuff, jump in the nice toasty warm car to come home and do all my showering and stuff here. I can even walk home from work first, increasing my exercise quota.

Arrrgghh... my stomach is a battleground at the moment. Take my advice, do not fool with laxatives. They are the toys of satan. My bowels are churning. I felt dodgy before I went to the gym tonight but things settled down when I started working out. Still I didn't feel like I was running at full capacity. Later I had to go over to my son's place and he talked me into taking him to the shopping centre to get Guitar Hero for the PS2. He went to EB games, which does games trade ins but you need photo ID. He doesn't have photo ID (the lil nerd reckons he doesn't need it cos he don't drink!!!) so I had to organise all that. We were at the counter and I came over all sick. I ran out of the shop, convince I was going to throw up but couldn't find the toilets. I couldn't ask for directions because I was too scared to talk. Finally, I saw the toilet sign and ran off, down a long, long corridor. By the time I got to them, the feeling had passed but I've been woozy ever since.

I did yoga tonight. Even the big, Rugby player looking dude in my class was more flexible than me. I didn't like the class and not just because I'm crap. They had us squished in like sardines - you had to avoid hitting or being hit by flailing limbs most of the time. Plus there were no mats so I had to go in the dancey-aerobics class next door mid-session and get one. Instead of ending the class feeling calm and relaxed, I felt irritable and icky.

Anyway, I knicked Pirates of the Carribean off Andrew (after a few poor attempts at Guitar Hero) so I'm going to curl up in bed now and imagine I'm stuck on a tropical island with Johnny Depp.

well done on your great loss! & i'm glad u complained about the spin instructor, he sounds awful!

By Blogger Kt, at 7:51 am  

especially in a class like yoga they should limit the amount of members allowed to participate. How can you stretch in a box? I don't remember your name being Jack Inabox.

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 5:57 pm  

The poo issues don't sound too good, think i'll stay away from the laxatives. I've never tried them, and now I never will!
Have fun with Jonny Depp!

By Blogger Briony, at 7:37 pm  

Aah, a girl after my own heart - Johnny Depp.....yummo!!!

By Blogger Jaykay, at 8:06 pm  

Firstly, WOO HOO on the loss - you're so close its fantastic. Secondly, that is so freaking gross about your spin instructor filling up peoples water bottles with his own!!!! I'm glad you complained and thirdly, sorry about the poo issues, there could be nothing worse. Have you tried hot water and lemon first thing in the morning - seems to work for me to get things moving. Oh, and lastly, I loooove Johnny Depp too

By Blogger littlegrover, at 9:31 pm  



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