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I went to the doctor tonight. I'm officially 100% no longer on diabetes medication. Ha! Take that, pancreas. I showed you who's boss!

Unofficially, I stopped taking the tablets a couple of months ago. Way before my blood tests. And you know what, the results were even better this time than last time. I so don't need those tablets.

I'm totally cured. Okay, I know you can't cure diabetes but I'm near enough to it. Now I'm going to cure my sister's chronic fatigue with my mad curing skillz.

I want to warn anyone reading this, who is diabetic and on metformin - they never told me that taking metformin and doing lots of exercise can cause hypos (low blood sugar). For ages, I'd leave the gym feeling drained and whoosy. It took a while for me to make the connection. Now I can exercise and feel good and that rocks.

I think I need to go out and buy myself a pressie with the money I'm saving on prescription drugs. Oh except I can't. I did a stupid thing today. At lunchtime I went to the gym then shopping and bought a cute little pinafore dress (well the jury is out on that one - it could make me look like some demented child's tv presenter). My packback was so stuffed full of gym clothes, I put my wallet in the bag with the dress.

When I got back to work, I decided I needed to wear the dress NOW. So I slipped it on and threw the bag on a chair.

Because of my mad walking skillz, I ended up way early for the doctor and went to a cafe for some fruit toast (I've swapped my cupcake obession for fruit toast - but only the good shit with like apricots and other non-raisin fruits). When I went to pay, I realised I'd left my wallet at work. Oops.

Major embarassment but the waiter said he trustedme to bring in the money tomorrow. Then I looked up at him. Holy moly, he was the hottest man I've ever seen in my life. Of course I'm taking the money in tomorrow. I'm going back there every day for the rest of my life!

Respect to your wickedly mad skillz and for whipping your pancreas into shape! And for kicking that evil diabetes right up its arse. It's definitely an excuse to do some more shopping :)

By Blogger another sarah ..., at 7:36 pm  

That is the most inspirational thing I have heard. Congrats, good health is the best reward you could have. You deserve to feel proud of yourself.

By Blogger michelle, at 7:37 pm  

Congratulations :) that's great news. And thanks for headsup about metformin - must let my mu know about that she's been on it for a few year now. Do we get to see a pic of the new dress??

By Blogger DecreasingDebbie, at 7:43 pm  

wow, thats pretty amazing! great stuff Kathryn, must feel so great to be off the meds due to changes you implemented yourself :)

By Blogger Kt, at 7:57 pm  

That is SUCH good news about your health.

By Blogger Sue, at 8:07 pm  

LOL love this post babe, lots of energy and whoo hoo for not having to take those damn tablets anymore!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:36 pm  

LMAO@ demented child's TV presenter!

I'm on Metformin. I did actually know about the exercise-hypo thing. Not from medical professionals informing me though, oh-no, it was from the diabetes educator.

You made curer, you!

By Blogger Beckie, at 9:31 pm  

What great news! Congrats!

By Blogger alea, at 2:11 am  

That's great news about your medication. Let's hope you can work some magic on your sis.

By Blogger linda, at 8:18 am  

That's seriously awesome. And inspirational! It really just hammers in how good exercise and generally treating your body well is for you, doesn't it?

By Blogger Amy, at 8:25 am  

You totally ROCK dude!! Congraulations on dumping the meds!!

By Blogger Briony, at 1:01 pm  

Awesome work kicking the diabetes to the curb! It must be the best feeling not to be reliant on the medication.

By Blogger Emma, at 12:00 am  

Get hot waiters number girlfriend!

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 3:11 pm  

That's fricken fantastic news K! You really are a testament to everyone with diabetes! You really did kick some serious pancreas butt (though the image of a pancreas actually having a butt is all too weird)!

By Blogger Ails, at 10:50 am  



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