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Glass Slippers

I didn't think I'd be making it to the Blogger's Dinner tonight but things have fallen into place and I'll surely be there, just like Cinderella going to the ball, except I'll be taking the Festiva, not a couch made from pumpkins and I'll not be really wearing glass slippers although I am thinking of wearing my ruby ones (ala Wizard of Oz).

Woohoo! Happy me :D

I'm starting to Christmas sorted too. There are two things my mum loves: the Saints footy team and coffee (well she also loves gangsta rappers, I kid you not. She's staying home on Christmas day because if she goes to my auntie's for dinner, she'll miss the cable special on Tupac!) Anyway in one of the catalogues for the local shops, they had 20oz AFL coffee mugs. I've been trying to figure out how much 20oz is cos I only wanted to buy if it was HUGE! I finally converted it and it's like 550 ml. That's definitely huge. Mum will love it. She's weird and loves cold coffee so sometimes she makes two cups - one to drink hot and one to have cold. With her huge AFL coffe mug, she'll be able to do both!

I want to go to Acland St because one of the cake shops sells these nougat logs she loves so I figure I'll fill the mug with them and she'll be one happy Mum.

Andrew wants cash. That's boring but he needs to get ID and that doesn't come cheap. I'm glad, it means he wants to do normal things like go out drinking and seeing bands rather than being a gaming nerd.

I'd not been planning on doing any decorations but the church around the corner is selling Christmas trees and I so want to go get one. I think when I moved, I threw my decorations out but I can improvise. I'm just waiting for my chronically fatigued sister to wake up so I can tell her the idea.

Cool gift for your Mum. Mum's are so hard to buy for aren't they? I still haven't worked out what to get mine. She lives in a motorhome and has no room for anything - and I'm lacking in creativity. A mug full of chocolates is as good an idea as any - thanks Kathryn!

(Hope you have a good night tonight Cinderella... Don't go kissing any Princes.)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:32 pm  

Mmm, Acland Street cakes....I'll hopefully be in Melbourne sometime in January so I might ask you to take us on a *a-hem* cake tour :-)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:03 pm  



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110.1 kg

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33.5 kg

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70 kgs



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