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I do not like donuts. I can't remember even the last time I tried them. I can remember going to the Dandenong market with my mum and sister as a kid (so I must have been in grade one or two since that's when we lived in Dandenong) and she'd buy donuts for herself and my sister and I'd chuck a huge spazz because I wanted a different treat. I'd never, ever eat the donuts because I hated them.

So tonight Andrew bought over some Krispy Kremes and I decided to try them. I had a bit of one with vanilla icing and a bit of one with apple cinnamon filling. The icing was yummy and the filling was okay. The donuts were disgusting.

I've eaten food that I don't like before but not like this. I felt like some slimy parasitic hellbeast had taken root in my stomach and, even after a cup of coffee and water, I can't get the gross taste out of my mouth. It's not even the taste, it's the waxy, icky coating.

How can people eat those things? If I'm going to put a pile of fat and sugar into my body, I want it to be a superlative pile of fat and sugar. No more Krispy Kremes for me, next time I'll just chuck a huge spazzy fit because I want a different treat. Of course, it'll probably have the same effect on Andrew as it did on Mum and I'll end up with a clip around the ears.


My back and left leg have been awful sore since the weekend. Not just sore but stiff and sore. I've been hardly able to bend over or squat to pick things up off the floor. It's strange - I often have problems with my right leg but that's fine atm and now the left is being dodgy.

Luckily I found a great cure. I went to go-go dancing tonight figuring if it didn't kill me it would make things better and it worked. All that shimmying and shaking the hips loosened everything up and I feel fine. I'm still going to take it easy tomorrow then go for an easy run on Thursday.


Why did no one tell me they have a Prison Break ride at Luna Park? I'm so there. This weekend. Actually it's not a ride, it's an 'experience', an intense, exhilarating, live interactive 'scare' experience!

The 'prison' includes a holding cell, followed by a disorientating chain link, cage maze, filled with dynamic audio and strobe lighting, intense and scary special effects, plus a cast of very hungry inmates. Join Michael Schofield and his brother Lincoln Burrows in your attempt to escape Officer Bellick and the guards of Fox River penitentiary. It's the scariest place on Earth! Find your own way out!
How good does that sound? Apart from them using the words 'intense' and 'scary' too many times in the copy, and apart from it sounding like a crappy maze with some lighting effects. Other than that though...

I haven't been to St Kilda in ages so afterwards I can partake in St Kilda type activities like eating ice cream and wandering the streets bitching about how the place is a shithole now the yuppies have taken over.

There's so much gold in this entry. Like the last line, and the "If I'm going to put a pile of fat and sugar into my body, I want it to be a superlative pile of fat and sugar." Ahhhhh :)

Glad to hear the go-going sorted your aches and pains!!

By Blogger Shauna, at 4:07 am  

At last - a donut-hating soulmate. I can't stand the things either, they just taste like fat and sugar....with no flavour. My husband brings KKs home when he passes trhough Sydney airport and the kids love them. Me, I'm not tempted in the slightest.

If I'm going to eat fat and sugar, PLEASE let it be chocolate cake, cheesecake, creamy vanilla ice cream, or anything with taste!

By Blogger Kek, at 7:55 am  

I love those donuts and I fully appreciate every one of the alleged 48 grams of fat in everyone. I am glad you all hate them, because there are more for me, they are mine, all mine (cue evil laugh)

By Blogger MorseyRuns, at 9:09 am  

LOL ROFL at the last line, the other place to do that is Brunswick St!

By Blogger LBTEPA, at 9:18 am  

If I'm going to have a donut it has to be a Vic Market donut. Fun little dough bags of sugar!

I'll have to try the go-go dancing one day - keep on posting the dates and I'll get my arse into gear eventually. Is it only Tuesday's (karate night).

By Blogger Linda, at 11:32 am  

I like donuts a little bit, just as well we are all different eh? Like you though,I'd rather have something with more taste. Lunar Park, what city is that in, it sounds like fun! If it's either Brisbane or Sydney, we are definitly going there in May! Can small kids go on that Prison Break ride?

By Blogger Chris H, at 2:39 pm  

Oh Kathryn, I was feeling guilty enough about the donut I ate today before I read your post - now I feel even worse! Coincidental that both our posts today mention donuts!

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 9:09 pm  

I'm glad someone else doesn't get the whole KK thing. They are a heart attack waiting to happen. I didn't eat them BEFORE I lost weight!

I must remember the go-go dancing cure. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Hope the ride is all you expect. Enjoy St Kilda.

I'm looking forward to hearing all about R4K. Have a wonderful time.

By Blogger Kathy, at 10:12 pm  

Bwahaha...I'm not a fan of Krispy Kreme either. I don't understand what the fuss is about!

By Blogger Mary, at 11:44 am  



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