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My sister and I are off to see the Lemonheads tonight. I've wanted to get tickets since the tour was announced but couldn't afford it but today we decided - bugger it, we're going to be poor either way. So we have tickets and we're leaving shortly. I heart Evan Dando!

Shauna - the guitar game is Guitar Hero and my son has that. I'm the most hopeless ever, I can't even play Ramones songs!

AJH - there will be no recording for the internet. I'm not ending up like that Star Wars kid!

Have fun!
Happy easter kathryn.

By Blogger Suzy, at 10:29 pm  

The Lemonheads! I used to LOVE them in high school. Didn't realise they were doing stuff still. Have fun!

By Blogger Mary, at 7:12 am  

Ah, Singstar! (Referring to previous post.) There is a very embarrassing photo loose on a webpage somewhere, showing me rocking out on Singstar at a party. Be warned.

Might not stop me indulging again, though... Have fun at the gig.

By Blogger K, at 8:59 am  

Star Wars kid? Tell me more please.

By Blogger Briony, at 1:46 pm  



current weight:
76.6 kg

start weight:
110.1 kg

total loss:
33.5 kg

goal weight:
70 kgs



boobs: 100 cm

waist: 81 cm

hips: 109 cm

thighs: 50 cm


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