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I went to the session at the City Baths tonight. No one else showed up for the run except Simon and I so we had a one on one with the run leader (well two on one to be exact but that sounds vaguely dirty). She said there were a few routes we could run including Princes Park. After we finished screaming, we told her we've run there a bit too much lately.

We could have done some speed training which would have been great - I've never done anything like that with someone guiding me - but we weren't quite up to it so we did a run to Flagstaff Gardens some stretching and then a couple of laps and those things I've totally forgotten the name of where you do silly looking running with high knees and stuff, then a couple of laps and back. The staff at the City Baths were fantastic. I dunno if it was because of the open day and not many other people showing up or they are just always uber-friendly. We went to check out the gym and the nice man gave us an Easter Egg each.

We got a pass for next week so I'm planning to try out some classes - definitely boxing - and use the gym. I've still got passes from when we did the Sunset Series runs as well.

Tonight was my first run since Sunday. My hip/butt/thigh has been sore all week plus I've felt sniffly so I've not been pushing it. The hip/butt/thigh problem doesn't seem to be getting any better and not getting any worse. Running doesn't seem to make any difference either. Mum thought it could be my sciatic nerve since it goes down my leg but she told me some stretches that I should have really felt and they did nothing (she has sciatic problems).

Anyway, the plan of action is to not push it too hard - well except I want to do a 10 km run this weekend but other than that, easy. Since I can't afford to go to the doctor/physio/whatever, I remembered RMIT has a myotherapy training clinic. I checked it out and it's $22 per session. Even I can afford that, so I'm booked in but they don't reopen until Thursday. I'll be such a relief to get this looked at and hopefully fixed up because it's been nearly two weeks now.

I think the high knees up running thing is called the "I-want-a-butt-like-J.Lo-run"- that might not be the official term tho. Boxing sounds like a great class- such a fun way to burn calories and rage.

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