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One interview down, one to go today. I wore my new skirt so that rocks - it's worth having interviews if it means wearing my skirt. I wanted to wear a white cotton shirt with it but, as I've said before, I don't own an iron. I figure it's better not to wear a shirt if it's not ironed so I wore a long sleeved tee-shirt which doesn't look all that corporate but what can you do?

Words can't express my excitement at the moment. I've been talking and thinking and plotting for a while about doing the half marathon at the Melbourne Marathon this year and now the new course is up. Suddenly, in my head, it's gone from something I'm thinking about doing to something I'm going to do - I can do this.

I love that the new course starts in Richmond instead of down halfway to Frankston - it means more bed time for me beforehand. And I love that it finishes with a lap of the G.

There is a cut off time - 80 minutes I think for the first 11 kms. I freaked when I first read that then worked out the pace/km and compared it to my Run for the Kids time and it's actually slower than that so I don't think I'll have a problem.

The plan is to stick to the program and not slack off with spazzy demotivation days... but to not get overzealous either. I think I went a bit crazy before R4tK - doing my planned training plus fitting in running days with friends, and that's how injuries happen. I've got heaps of time so a sensible, consistent effort will pay off.

I realised on my run yesterday that my legs are faster than my fingers - because I can run to 'I Wanna Be Sedated' by the Ramones but I can't keep up with it when I play it in Guitar Hero! Makes sense I guess since your leg muscles are bigger and stronger than your finger muscles but you'd think years of typing would pay off.

And, a final woohoo - we got tickets for Pirates 3 for tomorrow. It's not gold class because it's Hoyts so it's the Director's Suite. They have some crazy system with La Premiere and Director's Suite. Apparently La Premiere you get special seats in the regular cinema whereas DS is a separate cinema - same cost though. I can't figure why you'd pay extra to be in the regular cinema. The whole point of paying more is to get away from all those annoying people with their uncontrolled kids. Director's Suite is licensed too so you have to be over 18 to get in. Woohoo, no kids. Anita was worried about Andrew getting in until I reminded her he's 20 years old - she was thinking he's still a baby!

Congrats on the HM commitment. Should be a fantastic day (unfortunately one for which I will be out of the country).

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Oh, I wish you had a camera so we could see this damn new skirt! Knowing your taste, I bet it's hot :-)

And you can definitely do the Melbourne Marathon!! You know you can, we all know you can. Whoot. It's great having something like this to look forward to.

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