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I just signed up for the series of Spring into Action fun runs - 4 km for the first one and 8 km for the other two. I've never walked 8 km in my life! What am I thinking?

If anyone is doing these fun runs or wants to, let me know because I'm doing them on my own and don't want to feel like a Nigel No-Friends.

I thought about signing up for Spring into Action - but it was way too expensive for me at the moment.

But I am doing the 7 and a bit km marafun - as part of the Melbourne Marathon (not the whole 42km!) - plus the 8km/maybe jog next year for we can walk it out. Plus I checked out the link for the other fun run you had, hmm may do that too.

By Anonymous lucinda, at 8:57 am  

re your comment about my tramp. No they don't take up much room. I keep mine under the bed and I don't fold it up. I bought it for under $50 at KMART and have used it nearly every day for 10 months and it is still perfect. Great to use indoors and watch TV or listen to music when you want to get fit without going out sometimes.
Sounds like the fun runs would be good.

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 9:35 am  

I truly would love to join you mate but it would be a long swim across the Tasman and I think I would be buggered by the time I got there. I will cheer you on though!!

By Blogger Jules, at 10:19 am  

Good on you for signing up!

By Blogger Mary, at 6:12 pm  

I decided not to do this seris of runs, purely because I'm doing so many others.

You'll love the atmosphere and the encouragement from everyone around you. ENJOY!

By Blogger Jaykay, at 8:10 pm  



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