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Born To Be Wild

I've had a number of things brewing in my head, maybe not so much brewing as being melded together in a mad-scientist-type environment. These pieces have come from sources like Renee's excellent post on American obesity, a comment from my shrink on how while trying to lose weight I need to replenish myself and work on my novel-in-progress - The Bad Girls Club (note to self: less blogging = more novel written, less novel in progress).

The Frankenstien monster that has risen from these pieces is this:

Inside us all is the need to be bad. That demon that sits on your shoulder and leads you astray. Bingeing, overeating and eating wrong can come from emotional reasons, from stresses and worries of life, from all number of events but sometimes we eat bad just because we want to be bad. We are sick to death of always doing the right thing - picking the salad over the hot chips, picking the fruit over the chocolate, picking the water over the wine. Not to mention measuring and weighing and counting and getting your butt off the couch and down to the gym.

We know the benefits but sometimes we want to rebel. We want to overthrow the chains for goodness and just break out. Trouble is most of us do break out - we break out the chocolate, we break out the beer, we break out the chips.

Often we get told to make sure we look after ourselves, to have some non-food treats like the ubiquitous bubble bath. But I think we need to go beyond that. I think we need to build some non-food naughtiness into our lives.

Now I'm not advocating knocking over your local 7-11 or embezzling the company funds and running off Rio just some little everyday badness. A secret thrill that only you need know about. I don't mean doing anything wrong just something fun. Sitting in a sidewalk cafe with your best girlfriend oogling buttocks is fun, sleeping with your husband's best friend - that's wrong.

Of course, we all have our limits and definitions of naughtiness. What causes a tingle of excitment in me might strike you as passe. Or have you gasping for air. But here are a few things I thought of, off the top of my head:

  • wearing stockings and suspenders under my business suit (knickers optional)
  • the aforementioned butt oogling
  • nicking out for an extra smoko at work
  • sticking the knife in the toaster (not actually touching anything, just sticking it in the slot, that's danger enough for me)
  • dressing in red
  • folding back the pages of my library book instead of using a bookmark
  • conning a cute stranger into buying me a drink
  • reading a magazine in the store instead of buying it
  • going on one of those Harley rides
  • sneaking in somewhere without paying eg. the spa at my local pool (everyone else seems to do this but I've always been too wimpy)

Okay, some of those are pretty lame and I'm sure you could think up much better things. You know when you're hit on something naughty but do-able. It's that idea that gets you right in the stomach. That gives you that "no I can't, but maybe I could" feeling.

A friend once told me of a woman she knew who had a great way to deal with depression - she'd put on her best suit, do her face and her hair and head to a luxury car yard. She'd act interested in buying a porsche or mercedes and take one out for a test drive. How great is that? Sure bets the hell out of sneaking off alone to mope with a chocolate bar (or two).

I'm going to try it anyway. No more snivelling "I'm bad, I ate some biscuits"; from now on when I'm bad it's going to be because I partied until dawn, dancing on tables and terrorising men (all with low-cal beverages, of course).

LOL , i love the idea of dressing up flash & test driving expensive cars! fantastic! i agree, I feel the need to rebel at times, thanks for some ideas :P

By Blogger Kt, at 7:44 pm  

I like the suspender idea...

but turning the pages over on books...ahhh nooo!


By Anonymous Lucinda, at 9:40 pm  

Thanks for making me think about that !!!
Take care and have a great day !

By Blogger Me, at 8:32 am  

LOL, love most of those ideas EXCEPT : Don't stick a knife in the toaster unless the powerpoint is turned off - or you won't be here to write any more interesting and funny posts for us!!! Have fun.

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 3:33 pm  



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