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Every time I lose 5 kilograms, I buy myself something to celebrate the occasion. I don't like to think of these as rewards, more as something to mark the achievement (it's a small difference in words, I guess).

I like themes and wanted to make these markers small but memorable, so I decided to buy things in red. That way, I'd end up not only with a healthy body but with all these cheerful red things around me that would remind me of my hard work.

For the first 5 kilograms I bought red nail polish. I'm wearing it at the moment.

For 10 kilos, I got a red coffee mug.

For 15 kilos, I got a lovely plate with a red cherry blossom picture on it (I also love cherry blossoms and if I find anything with a cherry blossom picture on it, I always want it - I have a Nicole Cerini bag with cherry blossoms that I adore and there is a cherry blossom doona cover at Freedom that I'm gagging for)

So, the big 20 is coming up. I was thinking about getting the red bowl to match my red mug, but then I was at Officeworks the other day. They had this most lovely notebook - red vinyl cover with the word "Glamourpuss" stamped into it and red paper inside. Red paper. It had a cord that wrapped around it with a red vinyl heart. I loved it. I think that will be my 20 kilos lost celebration.

Just need to get rid of this last few grams. I want that notebook so bad. I'm like a little kid with stationery. There was a matching pencil case too.

What a great idea. It's good to have nice things to look forward to and every time you look at the wonderful red items you will be reminded of all your hard work and wonderful achievements.

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 8:57 am  

Oooh! Yay for red - and massive yay for that folder with RED paper! That is truly awesome. :)

By Blogger jak, at 12:37 pm  

I totally get the play on words. I like to think of "marking" an achievement too. I never was good at the whole rewards thing because when I want/need something, I just buy it.

I love the RED idea! And did you know there is a store called Glamourpuss as well!? You should check out the red bags!

Thanks for all your support hon!

By Blogger Mary, at 3:07 pm  

I'm working backwards. Lots to catch up with on your blog :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 3:08 pm  

Hi there....The Red idea is brilliant. I have a lot of trouble with rewarding myself, as like Mary when I want something I just get it. So I have to rely on wanting to be healthier sooo badly that I motivate myself to do it by the way I feel - not sure if that makes sense. Have a good week and good luck with your goal for your birthday.

By Blogger LeisaB NewMe, at 3:42 pm  

I love your idea. For my first 5kgs I got my eyebrows done - which was great - but it's not really something to remind me of what I have achieved, especially when they get bushy again :)

By Anonymous Lucinda, at 3:46 pm  

I am so into red at the moment. I have bought red polish too and those red bags at Glamourpuss are on my list. I just love it. I have a red phone, and a red notepad.

What is it about red?

And don't start me on my addiction to stationery. LOL.

Come on 20kgs. You have done so well.... :)

By Blogger M, at 9:33 pm  

I love the glamourpuss stuff. I think the notebook is not from the same range though - just the same name cos they had pink ones with "chic" on them too. But now I want that glamourpuss cherry blossom bag!

Red is such a powerful colour, I think. The red paper in the notebook rocks - it is the subtle yet distinct difference between a great notebook and a notebook with a great cover!

By Blogger kathrynoh, at 10:15 pm  

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By Anonymous Handbag Girl, at 12:05 pm  



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