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Eating More

Isn't it great to feel hungry? Not in a starving yourself, eating disorder kind of way, but having a good appetite for meals (heaven help anyone who got in my way when I was going for lunch today).

See for many years, I rarely got hungry. I'd get to work and have a coffee then a morning snack (maybe a yoghurt and museli because it was healthy and good for me) and several more cups of coffee. I'd have food on my desk and the hand-to-mouth action would be going without me even noticing. I'd look down and realise all my maltesers or m&ms were gone and couldn't even remember eating them.

Then it would be lunch time. And I'd have to eat. That's what you do at lunchtime. Sometimes I'd not even feel like eating, but I'd still go out and get a large container of pasta or chinese food. Lunch was always something from a bain marie. After lunch, I'd head to the munchie machine for my afternoon chocolate. I'd get a sausage in batter or some dim sims at the train station after work or maybe a chocolate or maybe all three if the train was delayed.

When I got home, Andrew would be hungry so I'd have to make dinner. But I didn't feel like making dinner because I was stuffed. So we'd fight a while and if one of us didn't cave in, we'd just dial pizza.

After dinner, we'd need a little treat so maybe we'd get a cake of chocolate or something. Just to take the edge off.

It makes me sick to think about eating like that now. I embrace my hunger. Hunger is good and natural and tells you it's time to eat. Your body says something and you respond.

Lately, I've been too hungry though so I tried an experiment today. Instead of just my sachet of Uncle Toby's Oat Temptations for breakfast, I mixed in some other instant porridge (about half the size again of the amount in the sachet - if that makes sense.

Usually I wolf down my apple as soon as I get to work or hang out, watching the clock until 10.00 to eat it. This morning I was fine. At morning tea time, my boss handed out some apple bun he'd bought in so I had a small piece of that. Not something I'd normally have but not diabolically high in calories.

At lunch time I tried eating more too - I usually have a couple of sushi rolls or some rice paper rolls, sometimes with miso soup. Today I had a salad sandwich (why do most sandwich shops over-protein their ready-made sandwiches? You don't need ham AND cheese) and I also got a small bowl of fruit salad with a dollop of low fat yoghurt.

You know, I hope there is a special place in hell for people who say there is NO mayo on their sandwiches when really there is. That is bald-faced lying and unforgivable.

After all that food, I just couldn't eat my afternoon apple. I thought about it but was way too full. Normally I have a piece of fruit then want something else as well.

Good healthy meals to fill a healthy appetite, that is the new me. I love it.

Hi Kathryn....I really understand where your coming from with this posting. I have had the same habits in the past and the great thing is when you become "awake" to them and embrace a new habit 8-) Have a great

By Blogger LeisaB NewMe, at 7:36 pm  

I'm still into this habit. Too much food goes in my mouth without even realising I'm eating it.

I'm going to try and curb this as it's affecting my exercise routine, making me not want to exercise as I'm so lethargic because I've got too much food inside of me!!

Great post!

By Blogger Jaykay, at 8:13 pm  



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