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Pants Rock!

I was so cold today that I popped into Katies after work and got some pants. I've had no work pants since last winter and I threw them out ages ago. I put them on after the gym - it's so much more bearable waiting in the cold for the tram than it is in a skirt.

You know what else rocks? When you try on pants and you know it's better to get the smaller, slightly tight pair than the larger, looser pair because the small ones will end up loose anyway. And, woohoo, the smaller ones are size 14.

I've so not felt like going to the gym the last few nights - it's been so cold and I've been so tired - but I've forced myself. Sometimes I deserve a frigging sainthood, I really do. I wasn't so good tonight though. Normally I am so hungry after the gym but wait until I get home, or if I do buy food I get a sushi roll. Tonight though I decided to get dinner in the city so went to a Japanese place on Swanston Street and got a bento box. You'd think that would be a safe choice but oh no. It came with fried spring rolls - very oily ones. Damn it. I could have left them but didn't. They weren't even that nice. I was just famished. It also came with this stuff like cold mashed potato - I wasn't hungry enough to eat that.

I've decided I need to try much, much harder with my food intake. No more mucking around. At the end of May I'm going home for my sister's birthday. Last time my family saw me I was just under 90 kgs and this time I want to be at goal. Then, in July, two old friends I haven't seen for years are having a joint 40th. Much incentive to look dazzling!

I just read what your pre weight was and what you are now - that's fantastic. You can do this - you are so close. The weather has been completely awful and am wondering myself how I'm going to get outside for some exercise tomorrow. Think positively, you got a pair of great new pants in a great size - you're doing it!

By Blogger littlegrover, at 9:57 pm  

Congrats on those pants and good luck for your last 4 kilos until goal! You certainly DO rock in the exercise department and I should so take a leaf out of your book! I still go to easy on myself when it comes to forcing me to go and do some sort of workout... I shall go swimming right after posting this comment! And yes, you may ask if I went and kick me if I didn't... :)

Just wanted to say thanks for the tip about bloglines - it makes my bloging life so much easier!

By Blogger alea, at 10:14 pm  

Hey chicky- sounds like you might need to set some more goals to work towards.. check out my blog as I have just written my new goals- I alwys need something to work towards as I get a bit complacent if I don't..

By Blogger Ashwee, at 11:10 pm  

hot damn, that is a great incentive. to be skinny and dazzling in front of one's family! to say, IN YOUR FACE, suckas! or maybe you're not vindictive like me hehehe.

well done on those tiny new pants! 14!!! and i must say katie's pants rule for work, i bought 4 pair when i was in melbourne and they just last forever, if you don't shrink of course :)

By Blogger Shauna, at 12:12 am  

I'm quite certain you look dazzling anyway - but dazzling AND at goal will be a sight to behold! The change in season does seem to affect motivation - having distinct issues dragging my sorry ass to the gym too!

By Blogger Sue, at 2:54 am  

It is great buying clothes that are tight and feeling confident that they will fit better soon isn't it?

By Blogger michelle, at 5:52 am  

I've always been jealous of your ability to just get in and do what needs to be done. You're like an exercise machine!

OMG @ 14s OMG!!!!! I'm so friggin' excited for youuuuu. YaY!!!Kmart have hot clothes right now? I need some work ones... maybe need to check that out hmm.

how fun @ seeing people you haven't in a while, my family haven't seen me in ages, I can't wait to surprise them heh.

You can so do this, On the side here cheering you on :D

Go Kathryn GO!!!! ;D

By Blogger Dee, at 7:33 am  

Alrighty, May's your marker now and I know you can do it!

By Blogger Mary, at 3:06 pm  



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