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Too Cool For School

I had to laugh at Shauna's comment below about people who run out of gym classes without doing the cool downs. So many people do that at my gym - it's like it's just not cool to cooldown. Not me, I'm a real cooldown geek. Even if I intend sticking around to do some cardio or whatever after the class, I'll still stay around for the stretches. When you get to my age, your wrecked old body needs to wind down slowly.

My favourite cooldown is in Body Balance classes because you get to have naps. They call it meditation but I remember nap time from school (it was my favourite subject - in the words of Ralph Wiggum - 'sleep, that's where I'm a viking').


I went to boxing class today for the first time since before Christmas. Boxing is definitely my favourite exercise class. My gym has just put out a new timetable and this is a new session. It went great because we started with the basics. Everyone in the class I used to go had been doing it for ages and so the instructor would give us complex combos that confused the hell out of me so it was really nice to be able to keep up. And the teacher said my upper cuts were perfect!


I so didn't want to go to the gym tonight but after yesterday's post felt like I couldn't NOT go. It's good to have these public declarations to keep you on the straight and narrow. Now I just have to cut back on my snacking - I've been having far too many "tiny" treats lately.

ugh, I hear ya on the snacking! I've restarted last night after a binge on stupid snacks. heh good for you Hun for coming good with going to the gym.

I've always been curious about boxing classes, I swear every time I read about your adventures I want to run out and sign up to the gym with all these classes.

I'm such a cooldown fanatic. If I set a 5min cooldown EVEN if I'm totally set by 3mins I have to follow through haha, hell I even stretch between pilates... when they're all about stretching haha.

By Blogger Dee, at 7:10 am  

lol - i used to love the cool downs from body balance too. Once i got over the weird things the instructors would say and the hippy voices they use, it's great fun to nap! lol

Also, i think it's so RUDE when ppl walk out before the warm out... i always stay - but i enjoy the rest!!!

By Blogger Madamx81, at 4:01 pm  

Kickboxing i smy absolute favourite exercise session...must be all that punching releasing the stress. I missed mine this wek so I am going to go on Sat morning. Good luck on Sunday at the run.

By Blogger michelle, at 4:12 pm  

I think some people miss the point hey!? Great to read that you are able to do a class you really enjoy.

By Blogger Mary, at 3:04 pm  



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