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I went to running training tonight - walked there from work, did the 5 km run then walked 4 km home. I'm a legend.

I've only done 3 of the official training sessions so far and you need to do 8 to get the runner's pack that includes socks, so I'm going to do 4 of them next (it will mean wagging school but hey, free socks!).

I think I'll gain this week after last weekend's overindulgence plus my general laziness this week. I've been walking to work and thinking that will do for exercise but walking isn't enough for me any more. Sure it's a good thing to do but it's not going to burn fat. I'm really going to watch myself at the wedding this weekend - two big weekends in a row are too many and I need to make sure I'm in top form for the R4tK in 2 weeks time. Also I don't want to get messy drunk and say things I'll regret.

I've decided to go with the black and grey dress for the wedding. I haven't had enough time to shop for a halter bra. Well I tried one on in Target last night but it was a 14d push up bra. It did me NO favours, let me tell you. You can push up a bit too much.

I also went looking for boots in my lunch hour but the shops near work are too rich for me so I think I'll wear shoes I already own. That is good anyways, it means the whole outfit cost me zippo. I have a big red rose for my hair and some red beads to wear with it.

Not much else is happening. I missed out on drinks with Linda and Michelle last night - just too stuffed to make it. That was a bummer because I'm sure it would have been a top night.

This is weird. My son is one of those obsessive gaming boys (aren't they all?) and he's had games consoles for years. I've probably played them twice in all the time he lived with me and could never see what interested him. Well, the other night I was over at his place and he had a wrestling game and I wanted to have a go so I could be Carlitto - my fave wrestler in the WWE. Now I want a PS2 of my own.

You ARE a legend! Running 5k after a day at work and then walking four k too? Bloody hell, mate!

Your legs must be looking so good!

The wedding outfit sounds fab - I love a bit of red with blacks, whites and greys. Knock 'em dead!

By Blogger Lainey, at 10:15 pm  

I've reached the same conclusion about walking - I love doing it, but there's just not enough effort in it if you're doing it for fitness. Great decision on the dress - no money to be spent!

By Blogger Sue, at 1:31 am  



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