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Once More, With Feeling...

I'm only 5 kgs from my goal. And today I realised, I've lost a third of myself. How wack is that? It's scary to think that one third of my body was just superfluous flab.

So what's the ultimate reward for the ultimate fat slaying? This! (That's the complete Buffy box set if you can't be bothered clicking the link).

And, since I'm starting a new and improved and much better paying job next week, I can afford to treat myself for ditching those last five kilos.

I have to do this, I have so much at stake. Ha, ha. I was intending to make many more Buffy puns like about how I am going to be willowy but I have faith I can do this... but I'm not nearly that tacky. Lol.

ps. Woohoo for the new job. It sounds perfect so far. It's close by, near the city and in the same street as my writing class - how convenient! The money is double what I'm getting now and the work much more interesting. Plus the bossman turned up to interview in me in jeans so no stress about my work wardrobe. I just need to sign on the dotted line tomorrow.

Oh yeah and tell my temp agency that I won't be staying in this job until May like I said I would. I'm scared about that. On one hand, I know it's a temp job and they'd have no issues with kicking my arse to the curb if things changed but on the other, I hate letting people down and hate confrontation even more. Guess I just have to face the music then wave them goodbye.

Congrats on the new job! Don't feel guilty. As a temp firm, they want to place people in permanent jobs, so they'll have to understand and be happy for you...that's my hope anyway. Yay for you!

By Blogger totegirl, at 4:12 am  

Congrats on the new job!

As the other comment said, temp places try to put people into permanent jobs, so they will be fine. And go for the last 5kilos! :D

By Blogger Tyler's Story, at 6:14 am  

Only 5kg to go! That's amazing. You've come so far and done so much. Well done on the job and who coares about the temp agency - they'll get over it.

By Blogger Sue, at 8:16 am  

hehe I'm a big ole dork so I would have loved to see all the puns you coulda come up with!!!

How exciting tho, FIVE little kilos. I'm so excited for you.

Awesome @ the new job and even better that's it's in the same street?!

By Blogger Dee, at 8:24 am  

Woohoo! Congrat's on the new job. It sounds like a dream job!!

By Blogger lms, at 9:01 am  

Congrats. Only 5kg to go - well done. Great news about the job also and bonus about the work wardrobe.
ps. fill us in on your running training when u get a minute.

By Blogger linda, at 9:13 am  

Congrats on the new job - I am so glad that it is so much more convenient and even better, that the pay is better !
Have a great day and take care !

By Blogger Me, at 9:27 am  

You are Kathryn the flab slayer! Good on you for slaying the flab monster and getting a great new job! I wish I held off getting all the single box sets so I could get that one box set but, meh.


:) Sarah

By Blogger another sarah ..., at 9:42 am  

I like your goal reward :-) and you'll be there in no time!! YAY for new job hon, sounds great. Don't stress too much about the Temp job, you've just got to do what's right for you at the end of the day.

By Blogger Mary, at 6:14 pm  



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