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Dear Anon,

I had an anonymous comment left on a post I did about the Biggest Loser a while back. I deleted this comment because this gutless commenter decided to use my blog to say some nasty stuff about other bloggers and that makes me extremely mad.

There were just a few things I want to clarify:

In my post I said:
PS. What's the deal with AJ. Rochester? In her book she says she lost 45
kgs and went from a size 24 to a size 12 then in the Woman's Weekly it was a 80
kg loss and then on the BL she is saying a 60+ kg loss and that she went from
size 28. I can understand the change in sizes if the program is intended for
airing in the US as well but that is a huge difference in the kgs lost.

Anon said "the womens weekly thing was a mistake - NOT her fault but why be such a bitch anyway?"

My point was that she said three different things. If you are a public person talking about your weight loss then you open yourself up to these things. If I said on my blog one day that I'd lost 30 kgs and the next day it was 40 kgs, I'd expect people to call bullshit on it. Fair enough that the Woman's Weekly thing was a mistake but I don't think it helps the woman's credibility.

I don't think I was being a bitch about it. I mentioned the discrepancy, like many other people have. Is that being bitchy? Because it sure doesn't sound that way to me. I didn't realise that she was so beyond reproach that these mistakes can't even be mentioned.

"AND tv does make yo look fatter and who cares anyway? Shouldnt we be greatful tv has used a real women instea dof a brainless twig. You are all eveil bitches. any wonder girls get anorexia."

I'd have thought reality tv shows that show unrealistic weight loss was more a cause of anorexia myself than bloggers who talk about their real efforts and struggles.

Anon also says: "As women we should all support each other....not bag each other out for gods sake" but she (I think from that comment we can assume Anon is a she) says some pretty nasty things about other bloggers. Maybe Anon should take her own advice. You might know AJ, but I know some of the people you were bagging out. Do you think you are supporting other woman?

I really despise the fact that Anon decided to use my blog comments as a forum for her bitchiness - maybe the people she wanted to attack don't allow anonymous comments? But here's a tip, when grown ups read or hear something that differs from their own opinion, they discuss it rationally. Sometimes they even use their real name.

Oh and another tip, when you want to be anonymous it helps to use perfect spelling and grammar. Makes it much harder to work out who you are.

Have you ever noticed that anonymous people usually have bad spelling and grammar? What is that all about? ;)

Anonymous commenters get no notice from me because they are worthless. If you have something to say to me, say it - have the balls to tell me that you hate Jeff Probst and love Oprah even though I feel the opposite. Have the guts to call me a name or call me out on one of my views. I don't like spineless people.

Sorry to rant in your blog dear....but that just bugs me when people do the anon thing.

By Blogger snackiepoo, at 7:35 am  

You have to wonder what "anonymous" people do when they want to spew nastiness in real life - do they stand behind a screen and use a voice synthesizer?

By Blogger Denise, at 7:38 am  

I hear you!! I have turned off the Anon comments on my blog mainly for the spam however I did get a nasty comment once from someone Anon. It actually made me quite angry that someone would criticise but be too gutless to even put a name to who was voicing that opinion. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but like you said at least be rational enough to back up what you are saying and big enough to say who you are. Well done. XX

By Blogger Jodie, at 9:11 am  

I have to agree with the others - if you want to make a comment at least have the guts to say who you are. I took off the anon comments on my blog for this very reason.
I also had something to say in a different forum about AJ - while I think she has done an amazing job, I also wondered (aloud) about the difference in her total weight lost. I think the fact that she actually makes money out of people subscribing to her website means she should be even more focussed on staying at her goal weight - which I dont' know if she is at but she does appear to be quite curvy.
Cheers and have a great week !

By Blogger Me, at 9:33 am  

The gutless anon comments hey. It really says much more about them than you darl. I am sick to death of the high school mentality of some bloggers. I am in a crap mood today so reading this, bloody hell, some people are just waste of space. To use the front of women uniting as a means to attack another, get fucked.

I really appreciate your blog. You continue to make me think, laugh and constantly question myself, and that is a good thing. Thank you greatly for all your support too!


By Blogger Mary, at 9:45 am  

That's awful Kathryn - you know I'm an AJ supporter but having met u also, you seem very far from an "evil bitch" (them's fighting words hey?)..... Thanks for sharing your opinions on your blog. (HMMMM - the word verification is "fuczem")

By Blogger linda, at 11:07 am  

If you went from a 30kg loss to a 40kg loss overnight - I'd be asking for your secret, not calling you a liar! Hope you visit from Tim and Simon is a blast!

By Blogger Sue, at 11:37 am  

YOU GO GIRL! When i first read that post about AJ i had been thinking everything you'd written down. Each time i heard about her weighloss the amount changed, and like you, i just wondered what the story was.

Also, you should never have to justify what you write on YOUR blog. If ppl don't like it, they can MOVE ON, this is the one place we can be honest and how dare "anon" try and take that from us.

I think anon is a touch sensitive and has no right to criticise others just because of their opinion. I'm glad you posted about the comment, we all back you up 110%. Some ppl are just losers.

By Blogger Madamx81, at 1:25 pm  

I can't stand anonymous commenters, even on message boards! Come and show who you really are instead of being a gutless wonder hiding behind an "anonymous" comment. I don't mind conflicting opinions, but (IMNSHO) anonymous posters are dickheads just out to cause trouble.

I'm with you on the whole AJ thing. I admire that she lost a tonne of weight but the statistics are all over the place. If you're going to set yourself up as a role model and motivator for people losing weight, at least be consistent in your retelling of the facts!

By Blogger another sarah ..., at 2:24 pm  

that is one of my biggest pet peeves.. when people can't spell.

By Blogger thealphafry, at 3:05 pm  



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