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I've been so tired lately and I think it's because I'm not eating properly. Not overeating, but skipping meals and not making healthy choices. Yesterday I went to the bakery to get breakfast and the best choice was an egg and bacon roll. It was delish and I was so full but then I went to get a coffee and got a big muffin too. I was so extra full after that, I didn't have lunch and only a packet of dried fruit and nuts for dinner.

Today was a bit better - I had a chickpea pattie with roast vegetables and salad for lunch and I think I'll cook a huge bowl of vegies for dinner. My housemate moved out and took his microwave which is a bummer cos I have a freezer full of meals I've made. I guess I just have to think ahead and defrost them until I can afford one of my own.

I thought I better stop by and check out how my same weight buddy is going! I hear you on making some of the not so wise food choices. I agree that when there is only that little more to lose, we do get a little slack! We need to spur each other on!!

By Blogger Angie, at 9:45 pm  

Skipping meals will mess with you all the time but great to see you working around it. Bummer about the microwave.

By Blogger Mary, at 3:52 pm  



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