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Sunday Stuff

I couldn't get online all day yesterday. How damn frustrating!

I went for a run yesterday. I figured it was around 12 km - 3 km from my place to Princess Park, 2 laps of Princess Park which I think is around 3 km per lap, then home. I ran most of it except for the 3 km home. I'm not too sore today either, but I know which bra I won't be wearing next week for the R4tK.

Speaking of which, I realised I have to do the most important part of my preparation - make a playlist on my ipod. I'm getting pretty sick of all the songs I have on there so I might see what Andrew has on his computer, if I can track him down -- he seems to spend his weekends hanging out with his mates now.

I'm really hanging out for when I start getting paid regularly from my job - I desperately need winter clothes. Last night I put on the vinyl jacket I lived in last winter and it's huge on me! I need work clothes too, I'm getting very sick of wearing the same two outfits.

I'm thinking of getting up earlier and doing morning exercise now that daylight savings has ended. I figure if I start now, I can get up at 6.00 and still think it's 7.00. That's the theory anyway, I'll see how I go.

Playlists can be so damn frustrating. It always depends on what mood I am in to the type of music I want to listen to. I have a few different playlists to cater for my energy levels and moods.
I think your gain will be gone in no time if you continue to have such a healthy exercise regime - wow, I wish I could run like that!

By Blogger cdb, at 4:10 pm  

LOL, I was thinking the same thing with exercise and winter clothes! It's long sleeve weather now and I threw out all my fat clothes. Any excuse to shop really but mulla, gotta find some :-/

By Blogger Mary, at 7:03 pm  



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