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The Awful Tooth

When I was a young, unemployed, single parent with NO money, I had to go to the free dentist who gave you two options - get your tooth pulled or suffer the pain. On top of that, my teeth are chipped and stained and generally yucko. I used to have fantastic teeth. I used to smile without shame.

Today I rang a dentist to make an appointment. After everything was sorted, they told me their prices. Holy moley, not cheap.

So I rang another dentist and this time the actual dentist answered the phone - not a reassuring sign - and he asked me about my immediate tooth problem (plus lots of inquisitive, non-dental related questions that made me rather uncomfortable). He thought it didn't need filling as I'd thought. More like root canal plus a titanium post then a crown.

On that basis, to get my whole mouth fixed will cost in the vicinity of $1,895,673.99, give or take a few dollars.

All I wanted to do was get my most troublesome (and visible) tooth fixed before my friend's party in 2 weeks time not spend the GDP of a small nation.

I went to lunch feeling totally depressed. At least it didn't lead to a binge - nothing stops emotional eating like the feeling of NEVER wanting to open your mouth in public ever again.

I'd made appointments with both dentists then realised I had to cancel them. I hate cancelling appointments. I feel like I have to have some justification. Then it hit me - I don't need to justify, I don't need to explain. I just have to cancel. That lifted some of the weight off me.

I made an appointment with a dentist close to home, who is significantly cheaper (ie. $110 a filling vs $200 plus a free initial consultation vs $90). I'll see what they say and work out how I can afford it. I've got to do something. Teeth don't fix themselves.


Car update: I called RACV and they will sort my car out. I didn't think they would cos it says on their web site that they won't fix stuff that happens before you join. It's going to cost me $170 but I trust then whereas I've had bad experiences with mobile mechanics in the past. And I'll be all joined up (I dunno why I ever let my membership lapse cos I'm a total airhead at locking my keys in the car).

I'd actually checked out Coles Online before all the comments but didn't like the lack of info on food. I like to see the food in real life before I buy. Plus they didn't have the icecream I want on there - the Peters Lite and Creamy in individual serves. I'm fussy about these things. I did realise that I can go to an independent supermarket that is only about 10 minutes walk from home and get icecream there as well.

I still need to pay the big bucks to get my wheel bearings fixed once I get the car tyred up - my friend reckons it will be around $800 (but then again, I have no idea what he based that on) so I'll still be without a car for a while. Then, woohoo, I can go running at Albert Park again! That will rock.

I did love Beck's idea of getting a scooter though. I'd love one!


Anyone notice how little I've been talking about weight loss this week? Mmm maybe that's because I'm too sick to exercise but well enough to eat like a piggy. I'm pretty sure I'll gain this week.

Glad you are getting your car sorted out :) There is nothing worse then being stuck!!!
I haven't been to the dentist for WAY WAY WAY too long :( I keep pretending that the ache at the back of my mouth isn't really there and that my teeth will sort themselves out when I know deep down that I should have gone to the dentist at least a year ago. What is it with dentists?
Good luck with your appointment :)

By Blogger Beee, at 6:18 pm  

owie, sounds expensive!!!

By Blogger Kt, at 7:16 pm  

Ohhh I hate going to the dentist too. But as a result I go for checkups religiously in the hope of catching anything nasty before it becomes very nasty (and expensive).

Four months ago I broke a filling. Having my teeth drilled is my idea of hell, but I bravely psyched myself up for it. The hole in my tooth felt HUGE (they always do when you're feeling them with your tongue). I was imagining all sorts of things.

When the dentist looked in my mouth, he said "It's a clean break and there's no decay underneath, so I won't need to drill you - I can just put a new filling on top."

Then he charged me £20 (I was prepared for £60 at least).

(Where is my point? Simply that sometimes things aren't as bad as you predict. Even dentists.)

By Blogger K, at 8:53 pm  

Good on you for sorting out the teeth. I have a mouth full of fillings and I was very grateful to find a fab dentist in NZ. Since living in the UK, I registered at an NHS practice through work but they were bad. I'd been complaining about a sharp painful tooth for more than a year and finially decided to see my NZ dentist when we were back in Feb. $700 for 2 appointments to sort out my problems but he couldn't believe they kept telling me that one tooth was fine! It was a filling that had chipped and a big hole developing underneath. He suggested they might have been waiting for it to turn into a root canal for practice! My lesson - will go see my NZ dentist next holiday as well. Who cares that it's on the other side of the world!

By Blogger Sandra, at 3:08 am  

I can completely sympathize....there were about five years where I had no health insurance and could not afford a dentist and in that time almost half of my mouth deteriorated. Last year I spent a sum total of 15K on dental work, after insurance because of needing various root canals and crowns. It sucks that it costs so much to have a healthy mouth; it makes no damned sense.

By Blogger snackiepoo, at 3:11 am  

I hate the dentist, you poor thing, i feel for you! By a tattslotto ticket this week and hopefully you can win your way to a root canal...yay, just what we all dream off!!! Good luck mate.

By Blogger Madamx81, at 1:54 pm  

Gah dentists are expensive the world over. I just had to pay nearly £300 pounds to mine to have a couple of teeth filled and a clean and polish. *sighs* least I have 6 months to start saving for his next appointment. Hope that everything works out with your appointment - getting teeth done is annoying

By Blogger DecreasingDebbie, at 5:43 pm  

Dentists, ouch! (in more ways than one).

Good luck with your appointment :D

By Blogger 123, at 6:36 pm  



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