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Pills and Pissiness...

This morning I went to the doctor to see if I could get off my diabetes medication. My test results are all perfect but she wants to take things slowly - halve my dosage while I monitor my blood sugar levels for the next 6 weeks - before I drop them completely.

She also confirmed something that I suspected - sometimes I feel whoozy after a hard gym session and it's because of the medication. Well really because medication + exercise puts my blood sugar too low, which isn't something you normally have to worry about with type 2 diabetes. She thinks this will be even more important if I run the half marathon.


I've been ringing around trying to find a way to get my car tyres fixed up. It's basically going to cost a million dollars to get anyone to come out and do it. Maybe I should just start jacking the car up in a short skirt and see if some nice man comes to help... I'm so not feminist when it comes to things that get your hands greasy (well apart from hot chips).

All I need is a frigging tyre... and yes, I know that walking is great incidental exercise but I want to buy frozen foods sometime this decade and there is no frigging way I'm waiting around half hour for a tram while my low fat icecream melts away. And I'm doubly sick of being ripped off by the local milkbar cos diet coke is too heavy to lug home. They charge $4.50 for a 2 litre bottle. That's just plain daylight robbery.

Damn it. This is as frustrating as hell. I'm sick of having a useless pile of junk sitting outside my house, rusting away. I've not had a car for months and I'm so over it. I'll get the damn thing going if I have to strap it on my back and carry it to the tyre place.

Sometimes I wish I had a nice mechanically minded boyfriend. Life would be so much better. Oh yeah, that's another thing that is pissing me off. Since my sister moved to Melbourne, people keep offering to set her up with dudes. No one ever offers to set me up with dudes. Ever. Well once, years ago and that was a frigging disaster. Note: don't set your friends up without checking the dude is still single first.

I asked my sister about this and she said it's because I'm unapproachable. What the hell? I'm all the approachable. I'm sweet and fluffy like a little kitten. If I'm unapproachable why does every frigging tourist in this town ask me for directions?

Oh yeah, I'm pissy about something else too. My agency is so frigging inconsistent with paying me. They have this airy-fairy system where sometimes I get paid on the Tuesday and sometimes on the Wednesday. That is so wrong. It says I get paid on the Tuesday on my payslip so I *should* get paid on the Tuesday. Not around the Tuesday. Not somewhere in the vicinity of Tuesday. When I ring them, they just say the payday is Tuesday or Wednesday, so why don't they put Wednesday on the payslip? No one minds being paid a day early.

Now I'm off to my Novel class to hand in my assignment. I printed it out on Saturday and have valiantly resisted the urge to give it one last read before I hand it in. The road to writing hell is paved with "one last reads"... well maybe purgatory. A purgatory of thesaurus and moving commas. Once that's done, I'm going home to have bed rest.

PS. Am I the only one tempted to check the birth notices for today to see if anyone was sick enough to name their child Damien?

Hey, i'll swap..EVERYONE is trying to set me up with anything male that moves at the moment.. not fun :( Why can't we just be pared with someone from day one and finished?
Does your car insurance not cover towing? I'm sure they could organise it for you.
I'm glad your diabetes is sorting itself out. now DRINK DRINK DRINK!!!!

By Blogger Beee, at 6:43 pm  

Well done on the medication front -you have to be so proud of yourself that you have managed to get this thing under control with hard work and self control - what a bloody legend you are my friend.

What the frig is the go with your pay! I would be so annoyed - one thing you don't mess with is a person's pay. Is there a union you could get in contact with at your work because that is not on!

Good luck with the tyres - not fun lugging shopping around. Been there too!

By Blogger littlegrover, at 6:52 pm  

welldone on perfect test results, hope you are off the meds soon!
thats pretty rude re your pay, they need to sort it out!!
I take a backpack to lug dc back from the supermarket.

By Blogger Kt, at 7:22 pm  

Hooray for your great test results! I hope you get to drop the medication sooner rather than later.

Hmm, I used to get the I'm "unapproachable" shit all the time when I was single so I remember the frustration all too well. How does one get "approachable"? I guess it also depends who you want to be approached by!

I didn't check the birth notices today but I did go and see the Omen remake! I wouldn't bother with it if you've seen the original, it's a note for note imitation.

By Blogger another sarah ..., at 7:30 pm  

Good news on your test results... Hmmm... I think it would be hilarious for someone to name their child Damien today... sick, but hilarious...

By Blogger linda, at 7:56 pm  

Have you thought about doing home delivery shopping on line? Both Safeway and Coles do it and it only costs $5 I think. Means you don't have to lug anything at all!!

If I lived closer I would come over and take your tyres to the servo to get pumped up (is that all they need?). Sorry I couldn't help!

By Blogger Jaykay, at 8:48 pm  

Okay, well since both Dan and I don't have a license, we do most of our grocery shopping online. For most things we shop at Coles Online. For fruit/veg, I started to shop at because Coles Online sucked at the fresh stuff. Both service Melbourne too. Maybe give that a go? It saves heaps of time too so you have more time to do other stuff :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 9:08 pm  

Re tyres, go to a nice local non-franchise based mechanics and get them to drive around to your place to pick up the tyres. You often get much better service from local independents.

By Blogger deege, at 11:04 pm  

Babe, Safeway delivers. I'm sure of it!

But, I know how crap it is to not have a car!

On a completely kinda related note, I could absolutely, totally see you on a scooter. Fabo, stylish, paint-it-whatever-colour-your-love, scooter. With a little lift up seat that you could put your frozens in!

Tres Cool.

That is really superb about going off your meds. REALLY terrific.

Note: I just read everyone elses comments, Safeway and Coles do deliver. So you can shop instore and walk out empty handed. You just chose delivery times. But Mary's idea sounds terrific!

By Blogger Beckie, at 12:09 am  

Good news on the test results - hopefully you will be off the meds soon and then won't have the issued with exercising.
Hope you manage to sort something out with the tyre for your car - that really sucks.
Have a great week !

By Blogger Me, at 8:54 am  

I concur with those above - order online & get the groceries delivered. I am going to give it a go myself!

By Blogger Miss Slimmer Palooza, at 8:57 am  

LMAO at the Damien note! Never thought of it to be honest but funny. I would have if I'd thought to! Well done on the diabetes medication reduction. You'll be off it before you know it. It's a major achievement and I know so many people who have had the same success with weight loss. Well done. XX

By Blogger Jodie, at 11:19 am  



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