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I'm trying to book my flight to Sydney and the Virgin web site is having problems... grrr! I'm also checking out Jetstar although trekking out to Avalon airport doesn't sound fun.

I think I'll fly back on the Monday so I have a day to recover (and shop) while I'm in Sydney. Any suggestions, esp funky shops that have different stuff? No point going to Myer in Sydney... or Sportsgirl or Just Jeans or whatever.

In answer to CKK's question - I'm not sure if my health is worse because of the weight loss. I do know I feel the cold ALL the time now. I can't remember being cold like this before, not even when I lived in Hobart. Sure sometimes you'd go out and the wind would cut through you, but this is constant. Even inside with two heaters running.

I did get sick a lot when I was overweight. I'd have a cycle where every second or third year, I'd get every bug going around.

I really don't think smoking helps either. I'm quitting in August - my doctor and I had a talk. She wants to put me on tablets that stop the cravings. I know I need to quit before I do a half marathon - after all you can't stop for a cig break half way (although I did see a few walkers on the Mother's Day Classic with cigarettes - tsk, tsk).

Partly because of the plan to quit the fags, I'm really thinking of dropping my goal weight to 60-65 kgs (from 70). I still want to lose the fat from my belly - stubborn lard that it is - and I also want to have some leeway because when you quit, your metabolism slows down.

I've got a few questions for ex-smokers about quitting: what do you do at work when you're bored? And, say you are at party and people are bugging you - what do you do if you can't go out for a smoke? Surely it's rude to say to your friends "let's go outside and bitch aboutthese annoying people"?

I'm still not convinced that when you lose weight, you feel the cold more. When I was bigger, I sat around more and covered up my body. Now, I'm wearing skimpier clothes and running around a lot which exposes me. Like you pointed out, there's lots of factors of why you might be sick again. Either way, I hope you get better real soon!

Shopping!? Newtown, definitely :-) King Street and Enmore Road. What kind of clothing are you after?

By Blogger Mary, at 7:42 am  

Kathryn, I smoked forever! (other than when I was pregnant) but finally kicked the habit about 2 1/2 years ago. Cold Turkey. I think I was just ready to give it away. I started to get really conscious of how I was probably smelling and I would really feel self conscious about it. Funnily enough I still crave it when I'm out and I often 'go out' for a ciggie with my friends/colleagues just to get away from my desk/people. I just stand there and say, "geez, I wish I still smoked", but that is really the last thing I would want. My hubby smokes and it sh*ts me but he'll get his wake up call eventually. I know of someone who had success with those tablets and I've also heard of a hypnotist who also has a 100% strike rate based in Prahran. Now if only I had that kind of willpower when it came to food... Good luck K, it isn't easy but if you are serious about your half marathon it would really be wise to give 'em away. Tip: Don't tell anyone if you can avoid it coz there is nothing worse than being nagged...

By Blogger linda, at 8:56 am  

gum gum gum, and lots of it! Thats what helped me. I decided to quit and it was the best decision i've ever made. I haven't gone back and I won't. I am now one of the biggest anti smokers on the planet and so proud! You should start an "air" break group ;)

By Blogger Beee, at 5:18 pm  

I went cold turkey when I gave up smoking. A night partying hard, drinking and smoking hard made me feel so sick the next day that I couldn't even face the thought of a ciggie all day!! Made me realise that I wasn't doing myself any favours.

I would love to get down to 60kg...unfortuantely my food and alcohol intake prevents me from doing this, no matter how much running I do!!

By Blogger Jaykay, at 7:40 pm  

My story was almost identicle to Linda's. I gave up almost 2 years ago because I got sick of feeling the way I did. Smelling the way I did and coughing up my entire lungs every morning.

I decided to do it. Then gave up cold turkey. Previous attempts failed because I 'believed' I had an emotional attachment to the fags. Like you, I associated times, places and moments that fags fit really well into.

I guess my mind just said "This is a-fucking-nuff". But I prepared. I did it when there were no events coming up. Basically, I made myself a bit of a miser for two or three weeks. I refused to stand outside with my 'normal' group of smokers.

Kathryn, you know as well as I do that it's about breaking abouts. Weightloss or any kind of addiction is about removing things that tempt us, until we are stronger to face them.

My father stopped by buying a big bag of apples that went everywhere with him. If he felt like a smoke, he had an apple. It worked and he had another guy at his work do the same thing.

Ultimately I think your attitude is what helps. August you say? Change your mantra from "I love smoking" to "I hate smoking". I guarantee by the time August rolls around you'll be ready.

Im very proud of you.

By Blogger Beckie, at 12:10 pm  



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