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No Weigh In

I decided not to weigh myself today because I'm sure my body contains kilograms of mucus and phlegm at the moment. Plus I've been up all night coughing and drinking water.

I can't sleep for more than 2 or 3 hours at the most. Then I wake up and cough and cough and cough. At 3.00 am, I woke up feeling like absolute shit. All I wanted was more sleep. And, if I couldn't sleep, I wanted a cigarette. I made do with a lozenge but I'm so sick of blackcurrant soothers. As soon as I put the lozenge in my mouth, I had a coughing fit and swallowed the thing whole! My head ached and I had period pains. Nobody has felt as much self pity as me at 3.00 am.

In the end, I went into the bathroom and steamed my head then slept for a few more hours. I wish these antibotics would start working.

I hope you feel better soon - this really seems to be taking it's time to go.
Get better soon and look after yourself - maybe you could spend the weekend in bed getting better !!

By Blogger Me, at 8:44 am  

Sorry to hear you're so under the weather. Definitely bed rest required! I hope you get better soon ;)

I love the photos in the posts below. It's fabulous to stop and marvel at just how far you have come. You look stunning.

By Blogger Els, at 9:21 am  

Poor thing! that sounds horrible, this isn't the same flu is it?

ps. you have come so far, and as always beautiful as ever! loved the updated pohtos, and loveeee the 20s look, so gangster chic heh

By Blogger Dee, at 11:43 am  

I do hope you are feeling much better soon! Poor girl!

Love the new photo!

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 12:53 pm  

You poor darling!
Have you thought about using nicotine chewing gum while you're sick so you can go without cigarettes? (And I know that comment probably just opened us both up to abuse about giving up all together!)

By Blogger Sue, at 12:54 pm  

Holy crap woman - I just saw your before photo and needed to tell you you look freaking fantastic and should be so proud of yourself and how far you have come! What an inspiration you are!

Take care and hope you feel better soon. As bad as you feel make sure you rest so you can get rid of this thing!

By Blogger littlegrover, at 2:11 pm  

I hope you are going to spend this whole weekend in bed, with a good book and lots of chicken soup!!! Stay warm and just rest!!!
I hope the anti biotics kick in NOW!!!

By Blogger Beee, at 4:11 pm  



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