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If you live in Melbourne and you want to go to the Jam Factory, they now charge a $15 flat rate for parking over an hour. If you purchase something over $5 and have a receipt (note: you get no receipt for food purchases) you get it half price but that's still $7.50. I'm so very mad.

Arggh Kathryn... isn't it ridiculous?! Miles and I went to the movies yesterday with free movie tickets that I got for my birthday and it ended up costing almost as much as if we'd just paid for the bloody movie! Didn't help that we forgot to get the ticket validated so we ended up paying full price :o( Not happy jan!

By Blogger Brooke, at 7:26 am  

That sounds a bit much but if Melbourne is becoming anything like congested Sydney, it kinda makes sense. It may force us all to use public transport more. I don't know...just trying to put a positive spin on it and nope, I'm not a car driver. I should just shut up hey.

By Blogger Mary, at 12:06 pm  

That is one of the reasons I don't get to the city more often!

By Blogger Leighanne, at 2:21 pm  

$15? That's disgraceful. I can park in the city all day for less than that.

By Blogger Kat, at 10:26 pm  



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