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Jeans and Things

I took the day off work today. I had a few medical things to attend to - nothing ominous - so figured I'd make a day of it. Headed over to Vic Gardens to do a lunch time spin class but was in mid-jeans try on when the class started - oops. I did manage to get some (non-shopping) cardio in though.

Sometimes I love shop assistants - the good ones, that make you try on styles you'd never consider yourself then tell you that you need a smaller size. Who'd have thunk that flares are the best style for me? Not me until today.

And black jeans - I've never owned black jeans before. Never. They look damn fine.

But wet weather and long jeans are not a winning combination.

As to the medical issues - I had a blood test this morning to see if I can ditch my diabetes medication. I hate blood tests - it's not the needle, it's the fasting beforehand. I can't wait until after 9.00 to eat!

Then this arvo I had a myotherapy appointment. She cured pains I didn't even realise existed. Woohoo! But she said I'd feel bruised and sore tomorrow so that's not good.

mmm those kinds of shop assistants definately should get together and multiply... They certainly know how to make you feel good.

I hope the tests come out ok. I HATE anything to do with medical testing etc. eugh..

By Blogger Beee, at 7:13 pm  

What, you have never owned a pair of black jeans in your life?? I thought every chickadee owned a pair as they are "slimming", lol!
Good luck with the blood test, I truly hope you can ditch the diabete's meds.

By Blogger Lee, at 8:14 pm  

Yeah, nothing like new clothes to make you feel good about yourself ESPECIALLY when they are a size smaller than you think you need.

Glad to see you have gotten over your weightloss break and are back into the swing of it!

I may sound ignorant but what is myopathy

By Blogger littlegrover, at 10:39 pm  

Good luck with the Diabetes result. I'm a bit of a black jeans fan and bought a pair last month also. They are nice for a change.

By Blogger linda, at 9:38 am  

C'mon girl, give us the jeans pix!

By Blogger Sue, at 1:37 pm  

Oh yeah I love those shop assistants. Unfortunately they are few and far between. I always get the gum chewing oblivious ones who don't even look at me but just point to the change room!

By Blogger Briony, at 10:53 am  

I bet you look damn fine in a pair of black jeans! I can't live without mine.

By Blogger Mary, at 5:57 pm  

Good luck with the diabetic tests. When do you get the results?

By Blogger Ails, at 9:16 pm  



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