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Hell's Bells

My eating is still out of control. I've got to do something about it. Got to stop this runaway train. Otherwise I'm going to undo all the work I've done.

I was thinking today about my Rule of Three. This got me back on track last time I went off the rails ( I'm not sure what's with all the railway talk here, but anyway). The Rule of Three is just having three little things that I am going to do to get me headed in the right direction. I mean three little things is infinitely do-able. Anyone can do three little things.

So the three things I'm going to do from tomorrow, considering I can't get back to the gym until I'm feeling a bit better are:

* drink more water
* eat real meals instead of snacking all day
* only eat fruit between meals

My main problems are that I am bored but can't do anything to alleviate the boredom while I'm feeling ill. I should learn to cope with that without resorting to food. When I first got sick, I wasn't eating much so I ate what I wanted when I wanted to eat. Now I'm eating all the time.

The other problem is that I haven't been feeling up to eating regular meals so I have just been snacking, and snacking and snacking.

Plus I've been feeling miserable. From tomorrow, this will stop. I also want to do some light exercise, maybe some walking. I was going to do that today but my muscles were aching so bad. At one stage, the muscles at the back of my legs were so sore I could hardly bare to stand. That can pass real soon.

I don't want to blow this. Screw that. What I mean to say is that I am not going to blow this. I'm the one who is in control and I decide what I eat and don't eat. This is just a setback not a sentence or a curse.

The other day, I was reading an article about exercising with the flu (ie don't) and it said that you should look at this as a chance to prove to yourself that you can get back into after a break. That's how I'm going to see it. After all I'd said about learning to trust myself, I now have the chance to demonstrate exactly that.

You are right on the button - you have the control and the power to do what you want to do and accomplish what you want to accomplish. And you are right - don't exercise with the flu (or any other illness) as it puts too much of a strain on your body. Take it one day at a time and if you can get your Rule of Three happening, before you know it you will be right back on track. Hang in there and you will get there.
Take care and look after yourself !

By Blogger Me, at 4:49 pm  

This is such a great blog for me to read at the moment. I feel that I am putting one face out their with my plans and stuff, and another which is going slowly out of control. If you don't mind I may use the rule of three for the next week to see if I can pull my head in a bit.
Hope you are feeling a bit better soon, it is tough when you feel like crap.

By Blogger M, at 8:22 pm  



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110.1 kg

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33.5 kg

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70 kgs



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