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Arrrghh birthdays!

I don't think I'll be losing this week - not with what I've eaten and drunk the last few days. Not that I've binged or pigged out, just eaten out a lot and gone out for drinks a lot. I'm so not used it and my system doesn't like it. I've really noticed how it affects my moods when I'm eating badly - I go from perky and happy to tired and depressed in a matter of minutes. I don't like that at all. I think the rule from now on is that I can have a few drinks if I eat well or I can have a food indulgence if I'm not drinking, but definitely not combining the two. Also I've been eating irregularly and drinking far too much coffee (my family live on coffee!). Oh well, next week normal programming resumes.

My first fun run was this morning. My mum and sister came along to watch and we were running late so I jumped out of the car and ran down to register while they parked. In the kerfuffle, I forgot to get my ipod (it's a pink ipod mini, btw). I need to set up a high energy workout playlist for these occasions.

I don't have my official time yet, but it will be up on the web site this week. I must have done well though cos mum and my sister were still looking out for me on the other side of the river when I finished. I started off way back, thinking I'd be slower than most people then got edged in and had to try to get passed people which was rather bugful. Must remember to take a water bottle next time because it's hard to walk and drink out of a plastic cup at the same time. Next time I'm doing 8 kms instead of 4 - I'm going to die.

Hi Kathryn...

Were you wearing a light blue top? (teal?)... I think I may have seen you (I saw your pic on blogger a few times, so it was a hmm that may be her kind of moment)

By Anonymous Lucinda, at 3:30 pm  

Yes, that was me! Teal top and no ipod :)

By Blogger kathrynoh, at 3:40 pm  

Congrats! I'm doing a 10k run today (once I can be bothered to get out of bed, I have an hour and a half left to get up there). Must remember to take my iPod with me :)

By Blogger YP, at 4:02 pm  

I was behind grabbed water before me...i coughed and spluttered mine (lovely!)'re right...hard drinking out of a cup and walking at the same time. I think I passed you a couple of times, but you sprinted by me in about the last km or so...I gave up on my ipod for the final 1.5km...i need to put some more 'walk faster' music on it!

By Anonymous Lucinda, at 8:03 pm  

Well done, how cool is that - your first fun run!

By Blogger Emily, at 7:13 am  

congrats on the run! :oD all the runners have my upmost respect as you wouldn't catch me running for anything (my admited excuse is the boobs, but it's also the cigarettes to be honest! ;op)

By Blogger - u, at 7:54 am  

Congrats on your run! That's terrific.

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 8:09 am  

That's amazing Kathryn....excellent and once again definately inspiring! I've been hangin' out for a PINK ipod mini for months and was hoping to get one for my birthday but didn't...sigh..., there's always Christmas! Congrat's on your run, you must feel amazing.

By Blogger rolypoly, at 8:41 am  

Woohoo on the pink mini iPod! :) Yay! And I'm even greener (didn't think it was possible) since that's the same one I want! Yay pink!

And bigger woohoo on the fun run, WTG! That's SO awesome, good for you! :)

By Blogger jak, at 8:56 am  

Well it sounds like you had a great birthday and weekend. It must feel great to have achieved your first fun run, oh and also received your Pink iPod for your bday. I agree with the eating thing too - I feel crappy when I don't eat up to my normal standard (usually if I have too many carbs) these days and I can't imagine how I ever used to get by before feeling like that all the time - maybe that's why everyone thinks I am a cow....hehehehehe.

By Blogger LeisaB NewMe, at 3:57 pm  

Whoooo hoooo on your fun run. Well done. And I gather you are hurting now ;)

And great decision. Food or Drink but not together. I think I will keep that in my this week. Thanks.

Have a great week :)

By Blogger M, at 7:57 pm  



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