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Waxed Off

One of the beauty shops near me has had a sign out for ages advertising half price waxing on Mondays and Tuesdays so last week I rang up and booked in for today. When I made the appointment, I mentioned the half price special.

So today I get a phone call asking if I can come in early. I told her I couldn't because I was leaving work early anyway, then I said I'd try to get there five minutes or so early. She said, so I'll expect you at 4.45 then and hung up. My appointment was for 5 o'clock. I thought about rocking up at 5 anyway but then realised she had the power to cause me pain.

I got there 10 minutes early, got shown into the room and prepared myself then waited for about 10 minutes for her to come back. So much for being early. She waxed my legs and it really bloody hurt. When I first started getting my legs waxed, I went to a girl in Hobart who was brilliant - it didn't hurt at all. Then, when I lived in St Kilda, I'd go to the Russian women who hurt like hell. But the girl today was so rough, it even hurt when she was scraping the waxy spatula thing up my legs. Not good.

So after the waxing I went to pay and she charged me full price. I said to her that it should be half price and she said they don't have that special any more. I didn't say anything, but should have since I'd asked about it on the phone. She said they'd taken down the sign and were having new specials. As I was leaving, I noticed the half price sign still on the door. But what could I do? I wasn't prepared to haggle over the price with her.

I was furious. I feel so ripped off. It wasn't that much money but I hate people who do things like that. She is stupid anyway - there are so many beauty places in this neighbourhood that I'm certainly never going back there. I think I might call Consumer Affairs tomorrow.

Right now, I'm tired and cranky and feel like crawling into bed but I won't. I'll go to boxing class instead because I'm a trooper.

Thats so rude! shouldnt hurt that much either! maybe write a formal letter of complaint, they do wonders!

By Blogger Kt, at 7:53 pm  

OH My ****in' Gosh!

that's soo bloody rude I can't even believe that. I'm really shocked and so sorry someone was a complete ass to you.

Hope you find a good waxer soon.

By Blogger Dee, at 9:28 pm  

I think you should do something - write a letter, phone or send an e-mail - what she did was just wrong and she shouldn't be allowed to get away with it.
Hope you have some success and you are right - I wouldn't be going back there again even if they were offering specials.
Have a great week and take care !

By Blogger Me, at 10:11 pm  

I can just picture her. I have definately come across her type before and you know what, they do it because they get away with it. Go get her girl! Make sure you tell everyone you know not to go there too....just one unhappy customer has lots and lots of power!

By Blogger rolypoly, at 9:38 am  

Grrr, very rude! Time for a new beautician and spreading the word to all your friends. Bad news travels like wildfire. Otherwise just take it in your stride and realise that her life must be pretty shitty. Karma gets us!

By Blogger Mary, at 7:47 am  



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