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Tomorrow: it's only a day away

Yesterday I ate bad. I don't think I went too far over my daily calories but I ate for the wrong reasons. I'm beginning to realise that me at home and not feeling 100% = bad eating. Me at home and no exercise = bad eating. Me at home and bored = bad eating. That's what happened yesterday.

I woke up this morning and realised that just because yesterday was a bad day, it doesn't mean today has to be. It doesn't mean any other day of my life has to be like that. Sure, it won't be perfect, but there is no big hole for me to sink in to. It isn't a pass/fail mark. It's just doing the best I can.

I worry about whether I can sustain my efforts long term, like I'm on the high wire: I need total focus and concentration to keep every little element in balance. But it doesn't have to be like that and it shouldn't be like that - this is part of my life, not my whole life.

It's good be able to start afresh, to be able to say: "well that was yesterday, today is going to be different." Today I'm going to exercise and maybe even go for a walk that isn't for exercise - not to burn calories but to explore and enjoy.

What a great attitude - you are right - just because yesterday didn't go well doesn't mean the rest of your life has to be like that - well done - such a great move forward for you.
You will get into it and once it becomes a habit (a healthy lifestyle) - you will do it without having to think too hard about it.
Take care and have a great week !

By Blogger Me, at 8:45 pm  

Hi Kathryn, As I wrote back in July, at least you didn't say this to yourself: “Oh, well, I’ve blown it now. Might as well have everything I’ve been craving and denying myself for the last 4 months, 4 weeks, 4 days, 4 hours, whatever." That’s like saying, “Oh well, now that I’ve bumped the mailbox on the way out the driveway, I might as well smash my car into the brick wall of my office building, sideswipe a fire hydrant at lunch, and take out a row of palm trees on the way home."

This slip may be an opportunity to understand how you use food to medicate yourself and to avoid feelings you don't like such as the blahs.

By Blogger The Troescher Team, at 9:28 pm  

i'm sorry, but i really need to do this...

thank you for being indulgent...! ;o)

By Blogger - u, at 12:58 am  

sorry again. now a more normal comment:
you have the perfect attitude. i think we all need to accept - as dieters/health changers/self lovers because after all what we do is a form of self love - that we will fall on some days. sometimes for several days. but it is up to us to not make it a "forever" fall. yesterday isn't today. and even tomorrow isn't today. (i know you know this, but bear with me). what i mean is that in a way, we have to be "careful" forever, and at the same time accepting of our human weaknesses.
basically, all this to say, great attitude! (i could have saved so much room on this page by getting straight to that and leaving it at that!)

By Blogger - u, at 9:50 am  

Yes it is a great attitude. Always start afresh and don't look back!

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 10:02 am  

You have the right idea - life goes on and we go with it. As M noted on her blog a while ago an excerpt from a Louise Hay book in relation to support groups - "There is help wherever we turn" and I think we just need to remember that at difficult times that we do have each others support. Hope you enjoyed your walk and have a great

By Blogger LeisaB NewMe, at 12:57 pm  

I really like this post. I think you hit the whole weight loss journey spot on and why we should focus on lifestyle changes, not weight loss itself. I think it is important to like the changes you make in your life too :-) Thanks for reminding me.

By Blogger Mary, at 6:28 pm  

Hi Kathryn
I think I read on your blog somewhere that "some days are diamonds...some are stones". We all have our blah days but the "diamonds" certainly make all the "stones" worthwhile don't ya think! Keep it up, you are an inspiration!

By Blogger rolypoly, at 6:46 pm  

I love that there is always a tomorrow. I had a poor weekend, but I am not turning it into a poor week. You had a bad day, it doesn't mean it has to go on. And what is a bad day anyway? A bit of overindulging. Not so bad really as long as it is not a sustained effort.

It is all about the lifestyle. Am so glad you are not being ditched for your birthday. Not good to do that to a Virgo birthday girl :)

By Blogger M, at 10:14 pm  

What a great attitude and what a great post. So true that just because yesterday was a bad day doesn't mean today or the next day or the one after that have to be.

By Blogger jak, at 7:45 am  



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