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Dilemmas, moral and otherwise...

There are some questions I've been pondering lately, and I thought I might see what you think:

  1. If you got to your goal weight and still had flabby loose skin on your belly, would you get a tummy tuck? Would you if money was no object?
  2. Personal dilemma this one: I have started going to a new gym and the classes are around $10 each. The gym has a pool (well it is the public pool with gym attached). Sometimes I'd like a swim after class but that would be an extra $4 and it would only be a quick dip - say 10 - 15 mins. Now the change room opens to the gym on one side and the pool on the other so if I got changed into my bathers after class and jumped into the pool for a swim, it is doubtful anyone no one would realise. Would you do it?
  3. Solarium, fake tan or natural (pale) skin? Since I might be showing off my legs this summer, I have to worry about these things.

That's about it. Well except for the 'should I go to Cuba for a holiday?' question that's also been popping into my head. I dunno why Cuba, it just appeals to me at the moment. Oh and the other question - am I getting an ipod for my birthday - but that will be resolved tomorrow.

As to the tummy tuck - I honestly think my answer would be no - I have had a laparotomy before - and even though it is only a 10cm scar...i can't imagine the recovery that would be involved. i am hoping that the earlier I tone, the less the flab! I do the swim thing ;) $4 is a rip off! and under no circumstances a solarium because I have a friend who got melanoma from using one. Though I wouldn't say no to a bit of fake tan! Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

By Anonymous Lucinda, at 10:40 pm  

Good questions all:
1. No tummy tuck because I have a no major surgery unless required to save my life rule. Too many risks, for example, i.e., Olivia Goldsmith (author of the The First Wives Club) bought the farm from anethesia administered during the procedure).
2. No to the swimming without paying. Even though it's a rip off, it's still stealing and somewhere inside me that would not feel good even if I consciously felt justified.
3. Definitely no to the solarium; just as dangerous as sun exposure and just as bad for your skin too.
4. Yes to Cuba, though. What an interesting vacation idea.

And, definitely, HAPPY BIRTHDAY since your tomorrow comes earlier than mine.

By Blogger The Troescher Team, at 11:59 pm  

Love your list - here's my answers.
No to the tummy tuck, becuase I don't feel the need. But I think it's a very personal decision and would never judge anyone else for it.
No to the swimming becuase I'm just too chickenshit. But I agree with Debra - 4 bucks is a total rip-off. My gym is attached to a public pool too, and I get free access as part of my gym membership. Maybe you could negotiate something?
Fake tan all the way - less aging.
And Cuba? You absolutely have to go!

By Blogger Sue, at 6:22 am  

1. tummy tuck: no. partly because of what surgery implies and involves. partly because... i don't know. i think i'd try to find other "natural" ways...
2. the pool: i wouldn't do it because i'm a coward! lol i'd be so scared to get caught i'd have "sneaked in" written all over me!
3. natural pale skin i'd say, but i wouldn't know. i have brown skin, so i don't think about it, although my legs get incredibly pale past winter. i just get on my veranda and tan them! so in the end: choice d) real "pre-"tan...! lol or solarium...
4. i'd say cuba is a great destination! great music, beautiful people, tasty food...! and defenitely go before the end of castro's regime... things might become extremely different afterwards.

By Blogger - u, at 7:12 am  

ah. just read debra's comment about the solarium. so no solarium (didn't know all that...!)

By Blogger - u, at 7:15 am  

Firstly, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY - HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL 20KG LESS BIRTHDAY 8-) In response to your pondering - Tummy Tuck - if it wasn't improving with exercise YES. Pool - Yes give it a go and play dumb if anyone caught me. Solarium - yes - I feel better when I am browner and I feel skinnier (don't know why that works in my head but quite often people comment about that). Have a wonderful

By Blogger LeisaB NewMe, at 7:52 am  

Happy Birthday to you. Have a wonderful wonderful day. Wow what a difference to last years birthday. Hope you plan on having a fantastic year.

As to your questions.

1) Tummy tuck. Definitely yes. If money was no object, and I could therefore afford the absolute best as well as the recovery care needed I would do it. And whilst there I would get them to pick up the girls, pull in the arms, thighs & knees too ;0 (and as long as I have been going to the gym, eating well and did the best I could to get it firm first - I would have no guilt doing it either)

2. Swimming. The fact that you raised this as a moral dilemma shows that you already have strong feelings about this. I think start by having a discrete chat with some staff about rates and perhaps ask for a free trial period to see if you like it and would use it often enough. And if you happen to slip in on the way from the change room - well they wouldn't want you to drown so you may as well swim whilst you are in there. ;)

3) Natural v Tan. Tough call as Natural comes in many shades. I find that I like to use the fake tans as I can put them on at night and walk about doing the housework and then wake up with a Tan. Very time efficient. LOL. I do feel thinner when I am tanner too. I feel younger, fitter, and healthier. Scary isn't it.

4) A holiday anywhere would be fantastic.

Again, Have a brilliant Birthday :)

By Blogger M, at 8:03 am  

Yes to Cuba, yes to iPod, happy birthday you!!

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 8:46 am  

Happy Birthday!!!!

I have mixed opinions on your ponderings, so I will just say that the pool I go to is $4 entry, but if you want the spa or sauna as well its $6 and I NEVER pay the $6 but still use the spa and sauna. You posted once about being a little bit BAD sometimes, and thats my badness right there!

Oh, and I sunbed a little bit too...

By Blogger Emily, at 8:54 am  

Tummy tuck - I have thought about it and I would do it if I felt I needed to and if I really felt I'd given it a good go with lots of exercise and all that. Oh, and if I could afford to just spend the money on myself like that, which is highly unlikely!

$4 is a rip off IMO if you're already using the gym. But even still, I wouldn't be able to just jump in without paying.

For the tanning - solariums are still UV rays so they still lead to skin cancer like real sun. I'd either go natural, or fake it.

Cuba is on my must visit list, too. :)

Hope you got that iPod! Happy Birthday! I hope you're having a fabulous day. :)

By Blogger jak, at 11:45 am  

Interesting questions... making me think of a fully stomach BLEH!

1. Yes to tummy tuck, because it is just one of those things I know if I had loose skin wouldn't help my self esteem. I don't know about the scar and the pain and all that tho, I am really hoping I won't have to cross that bridge and my skin will magically bounce back haha {a girl can dream right?}

2. No to sneaking in only because I don't have the balls to do it and I'd probably have a panic attack while I was there and too busy wondering if anyone seen me and totally ruining what could be a refreshing swim.

3. NO to solarium like Debra said it's just as bad a the sun and it'll really damage your skin. I'd go for the fake tan if I really wanted to go tan but I love the pale look.

4. CUBA YES! and please take me with you...;D and definitely get an ipod you deserve it plus they're super fun and great for exercising.

~*~*~Happy Birthday~*~*~

Hope you had the perfect day.

By Blogger Dee, at 2:21 pm  

Happy Birthday Kathryn!

Tummy Tuck - definitely yes if money was no object.

Freeby swim in pool - Yes again. How would they know if you had or hadn't paid for it? Do they give you a disc or stamp your hand?

Tanning - I'm a sun worshipper (I hear you all gasp!) but have become a bit more aware of what I'm doing to my skin since returning to Oz, so I'd do the solarium. Much better to spend 8 minutes under the UV rays than a whole day in the sun! I've never used Fake Tan and have seem some disastrous results when people have used it.

By Blogger Jaykay, at 2:45 pm  

origh...i can't resist to interesting questions so here's my opinion:

1. tummy tack: its really so very personal. but i would not do it. but then i would not do tatoos or pierce my belly button. im a freak with the chackras and the body's energy centres and all these things just change the body's natural flow of energy in my book.
2. I would not use the pool. I would feel as if I was sticking my tongue out to all these people paying for it.
3. I sunbathe in the sun during the summer. A good sun tan lotion with a high sun screen is the best and most natural way for me. tanned legs are sexier always!

By Blogger Silverella, at 8:07 pm  

1. I'm at goal and still flabby. Why? Because I didn't do any toning exercises. I've started doing situps etc and the flab is changing, moving, going now. So to answer your question, nope. No tummy tuck for this chook no matter the money situation but then if I had money, I wonder if I'd be a different person with different ideals?

2. I'd do it but I'd be nervous, real nervous but I'd still do it and then stop when someone asked me what I was doing. Plead ignorance. It's not the worst thing someone can do.

3. I've got pale skin so I am going to sit in the sun every couple of days for a couple of hours.Wouldn't consider the other options because I prefer a natural option in most cases and enjoy a bit of sun.

4. Cuba. Nice one!

By Blogger Mary, at 9:15 pm  


I am considering a Tummy Tuck right now, wether or not I should do it.... I just dunno.... Its a lot of money. I'm only 21 and I look like I've got the stomach and arms of a 60 y/o.... I just dunno.


By Blogger Mucky, at 2:44 pm  



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