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Baby Needs Shoes

Urrggh! My runners have been cutting into my left toes for a while, causing blisters and pain, but I've persisted. I hoped they'd get better as I wore them in but no, they've gotten worse. Last time I wore them, I ended up bleeding from where they were digging into my feet. Not good at all.

I need new runners. I have exercise to do. The most frustrating thing is that I received a letter yesterday saying my tax return had been processed and I was getting a $500 refund into my "nominated" bank account. Well, the money isn't there and I have a horrible feeling it's gone into the wrong account. I'll sort that out tomorrow and hopefully it won't take forever because I might just have bloody stumps left by then.

Agh, hope you find that money - YOU NEED NEW SHOES!!!!!

By Blogger Emily, at 7:26 am  

You definately can't do without comfortable running shoes! They don't have to be expensive - just comfortable!

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 7:42 am  

Can't trust the Tax dept to do anything right except take your money!!! XX

By Blogger Jodie, at 8:30 am  

hi Kathryn,

Join the club...stupid shoes - my new thick socks are helping, but then I wasn't bleeding either!

I have been meaning to respond to your 'lets go running' suggestion...i think that would be a great thing to do...i am a bit disorganised at the moment - so when i am not, i'll let you know.

By Anonymous Lucinda, at 10:30 am  

Thanks. Great idea about the elbows! LOL!

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 5:23 pm  

Hey look on the bright side. Feet have gotta weigh a kilo each right? You may end up with stumps but you'll have lost at least a couple of kilos and you'll save a fortune on shoes!

By Blogger rolypoly, at 9:45 pm  

I want to see *read* that you get yourself some new shoes pronto. A good pair of shoes is one of the most important things you need when exercising. Hope the tax money gets sorted quick smart.

By Blogger Mary, at 7:29 am  



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