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Step Ball Change

In answer to the questions about spin: it's hard but you work at your own pace so not impossible. It hurts the legs a bit, but not in a bad way... - I worry more about the damage to my butt (I think that is half the motivation to kept up on the standing legs). I love it, you burn up an ass-load of calories in 45 minutes.

I went to boxing tonight. No cute boys. No cardio. And I've noticed the teacher dude spends a lot of time with the cute blonde chicks which means the rest of us spend most of the circuit time on bikes and shit. That really bugs me. If he wants to chat up chicks, he can do it on his own time.

Even though my exercising
cup (make that my water bottle) runneth over, I couldn't help but pick up a flier for tap dancing classes tonight. I love the idea of tap but my two left feet don't. I've started classes several times before and been hopeless. But I figure I'm fitter now so I'm only battling unco-ordination now. I thought to myself, if I haven't thrown out my tap shoes, I'll do it. So I checked the Suitcase of Semi-Retired Shoes and Voila! Tap class, here I come.

I'm trying to put together a home workout that combines moves from pilates, yoga, ab exercises, relaxation and stretches - the kind of stuff I know I should do but sacrifice so I can fit in more fat burning stuff. This way, I can do all that in front of the telly. Any ideas to include? I guess I should do that awful plank thing from pilates, as much as I hate it.

I am having gym dilemmas. I dunno if I mentioned this before but my old gym is $4 a class but the range of classes is getting boring. I used to like one of the instructors but her classes never change and she kinda dicks around a lot (which is uber annoying in pump class cos there is enough dicking around to set up anyway). My new gym is $10 a class (but I got a cheaper 10 visit pass) so at the moment I'm doing mix and match gym. I could join the new gym for $70 a month which I think is pretty pricey. I also have a 3 visit pass for Fitness First from my fun run showbag. I'm worried that I'll love the slick facilities there so much though I'll want to join - but I don't know because it is only near work not home and I finish my contract in December. Also, maybe Fitness First is very busy after work. Decisions, decisions.

Maybe you could try a uni gym? I know Melbourne Uni have a pretty flash one, and the membership even if you are not a student is not too steep.

I also am going to check out Fitness First (got a bit excited about the showbag goodies) - but it is way to I'll go for my 'free three' then depart!

By Anonymous Lucinda, at 10:44 pm  

I absolutely love, love, love tap dancing -- talk about a kick ass work-out. The last tap class I took (1989) almost killed me, but in a good way. I hope it works out for you.

By Blogger The Troescher Team, at 6:33 am  

I can't even bring myself to try a spin-class. Just sitting on a stationary bike for 5 minutes makes me feel as if I have bruised something that should have been important, or WILL be at some point *EEK!* ok, that and I saw the pants they sell that are "pre-padded" and women walking around in them...

If I had any coordination for something dance-like I would go for something like tap, I hope you have a great time! (I can't even grapevine in an aerobics class without risking going through a window!)

By Blogger Savy, at 8:54 am  

Thanks for writing more about your spin experience. Sucks about the teacher though. I wish they wouldn't do that but I guess you've just got to try get past that or it'll do your head in. As long as you keep exercising! Tap classes sound like lots of fun too. You put me to shame woman. You are really active and open to other kinds of exercise which I find really inspiring!

Hehe...the plank is a good one! :-) I've got a general routine thing that I can share with you. First let me scan the pages and I'll put it up on my blog.

Otherwise I highly recommend: OM 'Yoga in a Box' Beginners by Cyndi Lee.

With the gyms, I don't go to one so can't really share any experiences BUT I reckon the best thing to do is just to try them out and then work out the pros/cons before you decide. I don't know if this helps!?

By Blogger Mary, at 7:27 am  



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