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Weigh In - 70.8 kgs

A gain on 0.3 kgs in the past 2 weeks. Not good but not unexpected since I've been unable to exercise for most of that time. And yeah, I have been living on lozenges and chocolate. My eating habits can be so bad when I'm sick. I can't even be bothered heating up something from the freezer so I just eat junk but I have tried to get a decent amount of vegies into me.

It amazes me when people talk about struggling to eat their 5 serves of vegies or whatever the recommended level is. It's something I've never had probems with. I guess I've been lucky in a way because even though I've been overweight all my life (oh yeah, except for now!), I've always eaten healthy meals. I prefer to eat lean meat and have never eaten stuff like chicken skin (yuk). I go crazy if I go for a day with no vegies. Five serves - phht! I'd happily eat that in one meal.

Even when I was a kid, I loved vegetables. I bet my Mum used to wonder why other parents complained because my sister and I would whinge if we didn't get enough vegies. We loved it when Dad wasn't home for dinner because we could talk Mum into making us a huge pot of vegie mash. We'd bitch if she made us eat *gross* stuff like steak or chops.

My other big love is fruit. I probably eat too much fruit. I can buy a huge bag of apples at the market and still run out before the week is out. There are few fruits or vegetables I won't eat. Eggplant is the only exception I can think of.

It's never been what I've eaten at meal times that's been my problem (well, when I cooked myself, otherwise it used to be pizza or Thai), the main issue for me has been what I ate between meals. I have the sweetest tooth ever and would eat a family block of chocolate every night after dinner. We'd have a big meal then Andrew would say... mmm, how about I go to the shops? And we'd get a block of Black Forest chocolate and wolf it down without really tasting it. If I had a moment of boredom at work (which was often), I'd run to the vending machine. I'd eat "healthy" stuff like Boost smoothies and sugar laden muesli from the coffee shop.

So yeah, when I started losing weight, the main thing was not changing my meals but changing my snacks and cutting out mindless eating. I've never cut down my portion sizes but will serve up a huge bowl of food that is 75% or more of vegies. I'll snack on carrot and capsicum sticks with some yummy low fat dip.

And, on that note, I must dash. I'm picking up Andrew and we are going to Preston market to do our shopping before work this morning - I hate those weekend crowds. I love going to the market with Drew. For starters, it's the only way I can ensure he gets some heathly food into him now he's left home. Plus he's my pack horse, because someone's got to cart those apples around for me. And it's nice to spend some time with him.

That's great about your fruit n vege habits....I really don't like fruit. I think it comes from my mum forcing me to eat lots of cheap apples and oranges as a kid. I think you have given me an idea for a challenge this week - 2 pcs of fruit a day. Have a great weekend and enjoy your

By Blogger LeisaB NewMe, at 8:21 am  

I was expecting to come here and find you'd reached goal this week. 0.8grams to go! Come on girl............

By Blogger Ang, at 1:38 pm  

oh - you are sick too? it sucks doesn't it? I love working out and HATE when I get too sick to do it! Like now! Then, I start to eat shit too out of pure frustration.

Try eating some eggplant at a Japanese restaurant - they do it in a sweet soy sauce and it is just delicious!! Might make you change your mind


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:30 pm  

I have also always loved veggies so much. I also pile them onto the plate at dinner time and sometimes for lunch i have a salad and thats all.. I do however think that my portion sizes are still one of my biggest issues but i'm working on it. You'll get rid of the 800grams soon. Keep doing what you are doing.

By Blogger Beee, at 5:01 pm  

Sounds interesting - I have always ated veggies. And never cooked before I started BFL earlier this year. My tastes have changed! There's only a few veggies I dont like. Pumpkin, sweet potato, beans, brussel sprouts Peas are OK if mixed with corn or something else. But anyway I eat veggies now but no way do I get 5 servings of veg and 2 of fruit per day. I love fruit but I rarely eat it. I do have some bananas yellowing up on my fruit bowl though.

Oh btw I am blaming you for thr orange tim tams that are now sitting in my pantry calling my name. Best they stay unopened until Sunday. :P

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 8:46 pm  

Cant wait to meet you tomorrow!

P.S. Whenever we started being naughty as children and acting feral, mum always said "RIGHT! Big dose of vegies tonight!"

Our childhoods sound the same from what I've read. We had no cash for luxuries or exotic fruits. Our treat was the big pot of mashed vegies mum.

By Blogger Beckie, at 9:10 pm  

I am very VERY similar to you in this respect and the snacking has been minimised! I generally do eat well but it's how much and yep, the snacks that are the factor.

By Blogger Mary, at 8:31 am  



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