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Well Monday started strong, then I got side tracked by movies and coffees and saganaki. I think the coffees and saganaki were an attempt to soothing the emotional wrecks of our brains after watching Material Girls. We've been on a real dumb teen movie kick lately and went to see John Tucker Must Die a few weeks ago - that was fun - but Material Girls melted our brains with it's stupidity. It's a big call, but I'm not afraid to say it's the worst movie I've ever seen. It just didn't make sense. But then eating a gutful of fried cheese doesn't make sense either.

Yesterday, I meant well but then friends wanted to go out to dinner and I can't be all anti-social and Vietnamese is so yum. Who knew that one teeny serving of sweet and sour pork had a wolloping 600 calories? Damn you, delicious pork!

Tonight I'm going out for dinner again! This time I'm combining it with a run so it shouldn't be too bad. Then dinner out again on Friday. Will this madness ever stop?

I discovered something last night - I have buns of steel! Actual butt muscles. I made everyone poke my bum after dinner and they were astounded at the steeliness. At least the exercise is working even if the eating is crap.

drooling at Saganaki....

What do they say? Buns that could crack the lid off a beer.. something like that. Have a great day.

By Blogger linda, at 9:25 am  

Bwahahaha...I get Dan to feel my "buns of steel" too ;-) Enjoy eating out! It's nto everyday, every week.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:50 am  

*poke* WOW that is a bun of steel!!! :)

What is Saganaki???

By Blogger Beee, at 9:55 pm  

ahh buns of steels... that's a great phrase :) nice work tiger!

By Blogger Shauna, at 10:38 pm  

I used to have a high school boyfriend that used to make me punch him in the stomach to test his abs of steel...he now works for the Taxation Department

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:46 pm  

I have this great Monty Pythonesque mental image of all these people lining up in a restaurant to poke you in the arse!

By Blogger Sue, at 3:08 am  

Buns of steel, hey? I briefly started getting a steely abs when I was doing heaps of pilates and made Tom feel them all the time. It just felt so weird but cool to have a bit of my body that was that hard and muscular. But that's all gone now, I need to get back into it again!

Enjoy the eating out! Sounds like you're doing enough exercise to compensate, especially if you have buns of steel, hehe!

By Blogger another sarah ..., at 8:12 am  

*squeeze* they are steely aren't they? Hope you don't mind being felt up by a total stranger.

My worst movie ever was called 'the Cook, the Theif, his Wife and her Lover' (I think), and I couldn't even finish watching, it was that bad. LOL

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:34 am  



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