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Happiness Is a Smart Swedish Storage Solution

Yeah, I went to Ikea today. Now I have more storage solutions than stuff to store. I've also moved my stuff in the far cheaper storage place (and even got a $47 refund on my storage costs from the old place).

I've got my room organised so it's like two separate spaces - a bedroom space and a living space. I got a happy, red rug for my computer area and fairy lights for my wall unit.

I love rearranging stuff - not only is everything fresh and new, it's also clean and tidy. It's also very energising - you start thinking of new ways to use old spaces and old things.

Another thing that energises me is throwing things out. I've been putting all my old clothes in the back of the car as I no longer need. This week I finally got off my butt and took them to the Vinnies bin. After all the moving, I've got about three more boxes. I think most of these will go on Ebay though.

My next job is to paint my wardrobe. It's a crappy old thing that one of my ex-housemates dumped in the hallway when they moved out. It's practical but ugly so I'm going to paint it white and pink and then decorate it with fake roses and maybe fairy lights.

As for my weight - I'm up again this week. A combination of eating out too much and getting my period. My gym membership is on hold from today so went in and did a huge workout to get the most of my last day.

Man, if only you had a digi cam, I would love to see your room! Yep and I'm a big advocator of chucking shit out. I hope you are enjoying your weekend :-)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:58 pm  

Decluttering one's flat/room is so liberating, isn't it? I definitely should do this as well!

And I'll second Mary's comment about the pictures... I would LOVE to see your wardrobe. :)

By Blogger alea, at 3:19 am  

OMG I looooove cleaning stuff out. I just gave away two huge bags of clothes to the Salvation Amry and love that I have hangers available again, LOL.

By Blogger snackiepoo, at 4:18 am  

Your room sounds great. Well done for getting rid of your old stuff. Gives you such a sense of achievement doesn't it?!

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 7:18 am  

I love moving things and cleaning out things as well. Feels refreshing. I also have a bag of clothes in my car to take to teh Salvos...must do it today. Enjoy teh beautiful sunshine. Are you doing Spring Into Shape in Oct? Think I will be.

By Blogger michelle, at 8:53 am  

How addicting is that stuff in ikea!! I sooo know what you mean with rearranging and cleaning up stuff! (unfortunately it takes me twice as long because I end up making a massive mess while cleaning before it finally takes place heh)

I've love to see a before and after of your cupboard, your ideas sound sooo good!!!

By Blogger Dee, at 12:17 pm  

When you get your hands on a camera you SO have to post pictures of your room hun!

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 4:34 pm  



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