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Okay, I'll let the chocobana ball cat out of the bag. My dealer is Alphabet City located on High Street, Northcote. It's my all time fave cafe ever. It's like my second home (except that I seem to spend more time there than real home so I guess more like a first home). If you are in Melbs, definitely drop in and, while you're there, check out the World's Greatest Dress Shop (tm) next door. At the moment, they have a big sale on pretty sundresses. What's not to love about my neighbourhood? Well, apart from the hoons who drive up my street at 2.00 am blaring doof music. I don't love them.

I had a fun Australia Day. Didn't do much - some friends came over and we sat outside in the sun listening to the JJJ Hottest One Hundred and bitching about the yoof of today and their crap music.

I haven't been able to stop eating lately. Bad me. Mostly yesterday it was good food - lots of watermelon and grapes - but still too much of it. That's got to stop right now. I'm going for a long run today then watching the food intake very carefully.

Oh god. That's pretty much walking distance from my place. What have you started Kathryn?! LOL.

Hope you're having a good Saturday darl :o)


By Blogger Brooke, at 11:59 am  

Is the cafe really called Alphabet City? Sounds a bit too close to the real Alphabet City in that you get addicted to the product traded (just switch smack for chocobana balls, hehe). I'll have to sample one of these tasty treats next time I'm in Melbs.

I worked yesterday but I listened to the Hottest 100 and did my fair share of bitchin' and moanin' about today's yoof and their muzak.
Hope you're having a great long weekend!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:48 pm  

Bwahaha...I hear you with the music! What kids think "rock, punk etc" is these days also makes me laugh no end :-) But then I only discovered what the hell "emo" was last month and I felt old LOL.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:57 pm  

I can relate to the "music" the kids like nowdays, it's crap, crap and triple crap.... all doom and gloom, rap and CRAP. Lucky for me they wear earphones most of the time so I don't have to hear it. Mike is crazy for TOOL, ??? Hmm, thought that was a spanner? lol

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:58 pm  

Laughing at Chris H's comment (I love Tool, then again they have been around for donkey's years as I was listening to their Opiate album when I was a student 13 years ago). Tangent!!

I am keen to be able to enter a dress shop one day soon and know that they will have something in my size.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:31 pm  



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