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Yesterday I procrastinated about going for my run all day. I just didn't want to go and had no idea why. I actually thought about sitting down and journalling my feelings to work out what was going on but told myself to get my stupid butt into my workout gear and get out the door!

Once I hit the streets, I felt fine. I ran down to Princes Park and did a few laps. I love this time of year - so many people around and I reckon a fair few of them have got running on their new year resolutions list cos I actually managed to pass a whole bunch - woohoo! That never happens, especially when I'm doing a long, slow run.

Total kms: 14.6. That took me a loooong time but I figure the speed will come.

On top of that, I ate very little yesterday. Not on purpose. I just kinda forgot about eating most of the day. Weird shit especially for me.

One of my bad habits is my daily chocobana ball with my morning coffee. They aren't awfully calorific but I have one nearly EVERY day. It's become such a joke at the local cafe, the staff automatically assume my order is a large skinny latte and a chocobana ball. I've been feeling almost obligated to order that now. Yeah, I'm a freak.

So yesterday, I realised if I didn't get one then, I could come back later. The shop isn't going to run out (I've made damn sure of that with their ordering system *WEG*).

Sane thinking - it takes me a while but I get there in the end.

* Weekly goal - I didn't do anything nice for myself yesterday. Well okay, I went for a run and I plucked my eyebrows and that counts. Tonight Andrew's coming over for dinner and we're watching the new Prison Break and Heroes. Yippee! Yes, cooking for your son becomes a treat after they move out of home. Who'd have thought? (And it's not just cos he's bringing me over telly shows).

Haven't managed to get my head into Heroes - don't think it's working for me. But Prison Break, that's another story...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:59 am  

I haven't watched either of those shows. My television has been taken over by the small one and all we get to watch at the moment is Wiggles, Hi-5 and Toy Story!! Although sometimes when he's gone to bed I watch Lost. I got Season 1 and 2 for my birthday and haven't gotten to watch many of them yet.
Hope you're having a great day. I'm off today, cleaning the house - pity you can't come and help, I still have margarita mix and tequila in the fridge!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:27 am  

what's a choccobanana ball? Sounds nice.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:39 am  

Wow 14km - well done. I agree their does appear to be a lot of new runners out on the road in my area too. Like kada I'd like to know what a chocobana ball is.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:17 pm  

Your running is amazing Kathryn. I sooo want to run again. You deserve that ball each day if that is the only treat you are having. Mind you at the moment I am sampling what I think will be my new love Cadbury brunch bar minis...chocolate and hazelnut. Divine. Now I just have to stop at 1..

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:08 pm  

Wish I could run! May make that a belated new years resolution! What's a choco? ball??? maybe I'm glad we don't get them here.. lol

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:53 pm  

Well done on passing all the slow coaches. I think I was lapped 3 times around AP once by these guys who looked like they belonged in the Army. Thanks for the reminder about PB starting back tonight.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:50 pm  

*Drool* those balls sound to die for but Kathryn, not every day you hear LOL.

I totally get not wanting to exercise but once you're out there, it's a different story!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:02 pm  

Well done on getting out there even though you didn't want to - isn't it amazing how often we don't want to but when we get out there it isn't as bad as we thought it was going to be ???
I LOVE Prison Break - I just hate having to wait each week to watch it !!!
Take care and have a great week !

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:28 pm  

duuude! that guy on prison break. every time the ad comes on, i feel like i am committing adultery just looking at him.
14.6 km... wow :) well done! and i am going to have to google choconana balls, sounds intruiging!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:54 am  

What cafe serves these choconana balls Kath?! I think I have to get myself there, stat!!

By Blogger Philippa, at 10:38 am  

Tut, tut! SUCH an addictive personality! Chocobanana balls...latte...prisonbreak... I WISH my addictions were that benign!

Don't even make me think about my kids leaving home...i'll tear up every time (and the oldest is only just 3 - LOL!)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:56 am  



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