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The Look

This morning I popped over to Knifepoint shopping centre (aka Highpoint) and, as I was eating my Wendy's fat free hot dog (note to self: must check out if they are good as they say) I noticed there is a specific "fat chick" look. Have you ever noticed that? It's like once you are overweight you can't have your own look or style - your style is Fat Chick.

The Fat Chick look includes - anything in that particular polycotton blend fabric. I don't know enough to know the name of it but you can only ever buy clothes in size 16+ made out of it. These clothes tend to come in aqua and navy regardless of current fashion colours.

The shirt - the fat chick shirt always has those tabs to hold up the sleeves - you know, that little button over tab. It's like someone one time decided hey, you can carry massive amounts of fat on your belly, thighs and arse so long as you have the little sleeve tab to distract from it. Either that, or there is something about the physique of the overweight that makes it impossible for sleeves to stay rolled unaided.

The shirt is always worn unbuttoned with The Top. The Top usually comes in a colour that co-ordinates with The Shirt. In fact, most FCs like to have a range of tops to match the The Shirt. Like if The Shirt has a tropical print in white, navy and aqua then The Top comes in white and navy and aqua - I think this is to extend the wardrobe as most FCs have bodacious but food catching balconies. As a friend of my mum's once said as she looked down at the fullness of her bosum - the men might like them, but they make doing the laundry hell.

The Top and The Shirt are always long - to cover the belly and arse - if you can't see it, it aint there, right?

The Pants - as with the top, comes in co-ordinating colours. Elastic waistband is a standard feature.

But, on the plus side (pun not intended... ok, pun intended just a little) I found the best shop for larger sized clothing that is not part of the FC look. Big City Chic has some amazingly cool stuff. I got a great pair of jeans with added bling bling on sale for $10. And they aren't, like most large sized jeans, designed for someone 7 foot tall. The non-sale stuff was reasonably priced too. If I hadn't quit my job yesterday I might have been a little out of control.

This is now my new favourite store.

You should check out Torrid. Their website is They have some really cute clothes for FC's.

By Blogger Megan, at 4:10 pm  

I love Torrid stuff but their postage to Australia is so expensive, often works out to more than the clothes themselves. And they have such cute bras!

By Blogger kathrynoh, at 4:38 pm  

I like Big City Chic as well but they still don't do a decent dress. I have some really nice pieces from there.
Torrid is great but they take ages to post it too you and the fit is not always right.
I avoid the FC look like a plague :)

By Blogger, at 4:42 pm  

I never did the FC look. Simply refused. And yeah, what's with those dumbarse sleeve tabs? I could never work that out. Certainly when my arms were fatter my sleeves stayed rolled up just fine, probably because they were so tight! heh.

By Blogger kimba, at 9:15 pm  

Ello! I'm a new reader (Thanks Kimba). I certainly did the whole FC look, I had about 8 black skirts (I never wore pants, they made me look "fat" HA!) and a black cardigan, I was KNOWN for wearing those, and all my tops would be, well yeh, that stretchy shit. I found that CrossRoads or Silhouette ( were really good for me, although they are a part of Millers, they were targetted at the "bigger girls" who still want to be trendy, and they are very cheap! I have never seen a Big City Chick shop in Melbourne....? Must only be at Highpoint? (I'm from the otherside of the city).
Try being a FC and shopping at CHADSTONE ahahahaha hilarious!
Thanks for a great post!
(P.S- I really talk alot)

By Blogger Mucky, at 9:57 am  

I love Crossroads stuff... most of my wardrobe comes from them.. but their sizes are a bit erratic. I've been unable to squeeze myself into a 24 in some outfits then found a 18 in a different style that fits perfectly.

I have never been able to wear pants well for, despite being big, I have no arse. Anything that fits my fat gut sags badly around the butt and that is not an attractive look.

By Blogger kathrynoh, at 10:56 am  

Hello from me too! I am new to your blog and I like it too!!! You described the look so precisely and with such humour too! I never bought such stuff either. When I got really really oh so very big, I was lucky to have a dressmaker introduced to me by a precious gf and she almost made most of my clothes back then. Sometimes, I would buy something from the fat chick section and take it to her and alter it in a way to suit my taste.

I'll be here for more!

By Blogger Silverella, at 6:16 pm  

Kimba's link got me here too.

Loved this entry!! What a great writer you are!

I did a little section on Fat chicks undergarments here ->

How hard would it be to make up to date fashion in a bigger size? For fucks sake.


Im off to read the rest of your site now!

By Blogger Beckie, at 7:35 pm  

I came here via kimba as well. I can so remember the days of not being able to find anything stylish to wear. It was easier in America because they at least have a few stores with cute things for bigger women like lanebryant, but in Australia I really hated living here at a size 16/18. I am breathing sighs of relief now, like kimba that I can buy clothes that are fashionable and not spend a lot of money on them. If I were a fashion designer I'd design fashionable clothes for larger women and make a killing.

By Blogger ms ralph, at 8:45 pm  

Hi there!!
I'm also here via Kimba's site.
I'm off shopping in Highpoint tomorrow so thanks for the tip. I take it you live on the West Side somewhere?? I'm out at Bacchus Marsh.
Look forward to reading more... very clever stuff.

By Blogger LisaB, at 12:10 pm  

The FC look I hate the most is perpetrated by lane bryant -- 90% of their shirts show cleavage practically down to your waist! Now, I know you might want to use your boobs to distract from your badonkadonk bootie, but there's gotta be another way.

By Blogger jaime, at 12:56 pm  

Hey there is a big city chic store at southland (melb) if anyone can't get to highpoint

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:11 am  

hi my names Libby and I'm new to this site. Just thought I would let you know that they have opened a new Big City Chick at Know City!!! nd have some amazing stuff!! Went wild there myself.

By Anonymous lovelylibby, at 3:28 pm  



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