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Yet another post, oh I love to procrastinate....

I forgot to mention, on Friday night I wore the jeans I bought at Big City Chic this week. They were too big. I spent most of the night hoiking them up, not a graceful gesture. You'd never see Audrey Hepburn hoiking things. I have no natural charm.

Anyway, I complained all night then, as the last guests were leaving and I was locking the door they fell off completely. Around my ankles. Thank god it happened when I was home on my own and not at dinner. That would have been just too embarassing (trust me, I had a skirt fall off on the train once).

So the once worn jeans are probably going to go on ebay when I get around to taking a photo because it's not like they are ever going to fit me now.

Speaking of which, has anyone bought jeans from Jeans West? They go up to a size 20 but I'd like to know how generous the fittings are before going into try them.

Depends on the style with Jeans West. When I was 16, I was a size "16" but I had to buy size 20, but it could have been because I was in denial of my real size?
Go in and try some on, just steer clear of the "hipsters", unless you like showing a lot of plumbers!
I think they only stock up to size 20 in basic jeans, not the "fashion" jeans like pretty ones with sequins etc.
Check out their site maybe?


By Blogger Mucky, at 9:31 am  

I love jeanswest jeans. In fact all my jeans are jeanswest. I wore the 20's when I was a 20 and they fit. The stretch ones are really comfy too.

I'm finding with all jeans now though that you usually have to buy a size larger than you would for skirts and other pants? Like at the moment I'm a loose 14 in skirts, a 14 in pants, but I'm still wearing 16 jeans, although they're getting loose now (YEEHA. My 14 jeans from jeanswest fit (with a muffin-top) but I tried on some 14 Lee jeans and couldn't get them on. So yeah I would say that jeanswest are pretty good size-wise.

I have some hardly worn jeansWest jeans at home (size 20) that I'm going to sell on Ebay, if you want first go? heh.

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