[a weight loss story]

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Oh no

I ate chocolate. It was kinda accidental, I fell over and it slipped in my mouth. Sort of.

I was at the supermarket and being all good but hungry so I bought some Weight Watchers Apple Crumble cereal bars but then when I was in the line they had easter eggs just sitting there in their pretty, shiny paper. I picked one up and put it down. Then I picked it up again and read the nutritional information - over 1,000 kilojoules - and put it back down. The third time I picked it up and kept it.

I thought I could have just a little taste then take the rest home for Andrew. Phht. Yeah, right. Not going to happen.

It wouldn't be so bad if it was just the chocolate but lately I've been thinking - I'll just have a little of this or just a little of that - not good. I would much rather save up and have one big treat especially since I'm going out for my son's 18th tomorrow and we are having pasta. Yum. And wine, yum. And tiramisu. NO! NO tiramisu.



current weight:
76.6 kg

start weight:
110.1 kg

total loss:
33.5 kg

goal weight:
70 kgs



boobs: 100 cm

waist: 81 cm

hips: 109 cm

thighs: 50 cm


Weekly Goal Lifestyle Changing Challenge-A-Rama

Week 1 - Drink more water

Week 2 - Cut out sugary treats


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