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Little Decision

Lately I've been thinking about a song by Paul Kelly called Little Decisions and how appropriate it is. Often when you read diet magazines, the stories focus on the big decisions - the moment of epithany - you know the kind of thing:

I didn't realise how out of control my eating had become until that day I was mistaken for a Mack truck. Imagine my embarassment when that trucker tried to open my door and mount my cab. From that day, I resoluted to lose weight.

Which is all well and good, but it's the small decisions that matter. The hundreds of decisions we make every day - the decision to bypass the chocolate aisle at the supermarket, the decision to throw out or freeze the leftovers instead of polishing them off, the decision to get up and go for a walk instead of sitting at the computer.

Lately I've been making a conscious effort to ask myself if I really want something before I eat it. At times I've dished up a bowl of food then realised that I really don't want to eat it at that particular moment and put it back in the fridge for later. Things like that make all the difference.

Hear hear! It's definitely all about the little things.

By Blogger jaime, at 5:56 am  

I do something similar when I'm eating, I think to myself 'Is this going to help or hinder?' and most of the time I find this really useful.

Of course there are other times when I don't give a damn and just eat it anyway but hey, at least those times are in the minority, so that's some sort of progress :)

By Blogger kimba, at 3:28 pm  



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