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The eating was more under control today, I must remember to fill out my Slimmers food diary though so I can keep track of these things. I was thinking about why I was such a little piggy yesterday and decided there were a few factors at work:

Firstly, I was feeling down and glum so the whole emotional eating thing was happening.

Secondly, I was eating out of habit... walking to the cupboard and grabbing something to eat without even thinking about what I was doing.

Thirdly, I remembered after breakfast that I had bought crumpets and as soon as I thought about them I wanted one but didn't want to eat one because I wasn't hungry so all day I wanted crumpets but didn't have them. Just knowing they were in the fridge was driving me mad... they were calling to me. I should have just stopped eating and had the crumpets for lunch or a snack even.

That made me think about something though. When I was a kid, and even now, I have always felt that I had to eat something as soon as I got it otherwise it would be gone. This happened a lot when I was a kid - when we had yummy treats it was every man for himself. Nowadays, I often go to get something and find Andrew has eaten it all. Maybe something I have to work on is having food that is only for me and offlimits to Andrew. Then I can feel secure in knowing that I don't have eat everything immediately.

One time I bought some Weight Watchers icecreams and left them in the fridge for ages. I was proud of myself for saving them for a special moment but, when I went to eat one, they were gone. Andrew had eaten them. Then he had the gall to complain about how they weren't so tasty anyway. Grrrr!

It amazes me to hear stories of people hoarding food. I've never been a hoarder, never had hidden supplies of chocolate bars, not because I don't eat them but because they never last that long.

Haha I so hear you!
When I hear people go "Oh do you want some chocolate, I think I have some still from Easter", mind you it is DECEMBER, I'm like "ARE YOU A COMPLETE FREAK, THAT SHOULD WELL AND TRUELY BE EATEN BY NOW", a "secret stash" wouldnt last a second in my room!

By Blogger Mucky, at 9:28 am  

Oh yeah, I hate that. I used to live in Hobart and one time I went to the Cadburys factory and got a 4 kg box of reject chocolates. I was planning to make them up into Christmas presents for people. But no... I didn't eat them all myself but I did have a major share.

By Blogger kathrynoh, at 9:48 am  

Oh the Tassie Cadbury factory! That's one of the highlight memories of my youth - we went there with plastic bags in our pockets for all the 'samples' you could help yourself to, as you went around (my cousins had been there before and planned this strategy) and we ended up with bags full. And I remember buying a dozen 'reject' Crunchies for $2. Pretty exciting for a 15 year old, haha. I thought I was set and then my mum took them off me saying 'You don't need these'. Hmmm. I wasn't even fat at the time. And I wondered where my 'eating in secret' issues came from. Bah.

As for hoarding food - I confess, have 4 Cadbury Creme eggs and 1 Cadbury Dream egg stashed in the fridge, for when I finish my No-Choc challenge in a month's time. Don't wanna miss out, hehehe.

By Blogger kimba, at 3:11 pm  

I could not do that. The thought of the chocolate would be constantly on my mind. I'd be walking around like a zombie until I ate it.

By Blogger kathrynoh, at 9:45 pm  



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